Brooklyn, NY’s Infinity Girl Premiere New Song (“Dirty Sun”) on Noisey; ‘Harm’ LP Out Aug 28‏

August 4, 2015


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Brooklyn, NY’s Infinity Girl Premiere New Song (“Dirty Sun”) on Noisey; ‘Harm’ LP Out Aug 28


Infinity Girl is premiering a new song titled “Dirty Sun” on Noisey. The track appears on the band’s upcoming Topshelf Records debut ‘Harm,’ which is available for pre-order here.

Noisey writes, “Infinity Girl is a four piece rock band out of Brooklyn that play music that can be best described as gloomy yet fun. The band takes all the elements of shoegaze that are most enjoyable, and make it faster and more exciting. On their song “Dirty Sun,” the band picks up the pace times a hundred, with a super punky, lo-fi groove that progresses and progresses. The lyrics seem kind of bummed out, but it never seems permanent, letting the music kick forward. It’s the perfect track for someone who’s trying to act super bummed, but actually loves fun.”

In a recent feature, Interview Magazine called the band’s song “Not Man”, “an experimental kaleidoscope full of twinkling synths and pulsating bass lines, reminiscent of a breezier version of Julian Casablancas’s solo album Phrazes for the Young.”

Forged in the crucible of the Boston underground and now based in Brooklyn, Infinity Girl emerged in 2012 with a startlingly whole and reverent shoegaze sound on its debut full length, ‘Stop Being On My Side,’ a set that was equal parts haunting melody and ear-bleeding power. An EP, ‘Just Like Lovers,’ followed in late 2012 and again propounded Infinity Girl’s refreshing proclivity for bending classic song forms toward its will to experiment. More recently the band has taken its music to a darker and more dynamic place informed by both classic post-punk sounds and an increasingly formidable ability to meld noise and hooks in exciting, surprising ways.

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Track Listing:
1. Hesse
2. Firehead
3. Locklaun
4. Hold
5. Not Man
6. Liner
7. Heavy
8. Dirty Sun
9. Young
10. Musei
11. Around Me





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