Boston’s Aneurysm Share “Stop This Ride” Single

August 18, 2015



Boston’s Aneurysm Share “Stop This Ride” Single via Noisey

“Stop This Ride” EP Due out September 4th via the band’s own Puritan Candy Records

Boston’s Aneurysm are excited to share the band’s new single “Stop This Ride” via Noisey ahead of the release of their debut EP of the same name. After a slew of demos, the band will release Stop This Ride, the first of two new 7″ EPs on September 4th via the band’s own Puritan Candy Records. Aneurysm, as their name may lead you to believe offer a raw brand of punk from the grimiest depths of the Boston scene, reminiscent of early 90’s grunge influenced punk and vocals that range somewhere between Bear Vs Shark and KARP. “Stop This Ride” is a brutish blast of proto-punk and shredding metal influences buried underneath a vibrant blend of grunge and blown out punk intensity. It’s safe to say that Aneurysm aren’t looking to set any trends, the band is too focused on big ugly punk rock. Aneurysm are loud, crude, fast, and noisy, the perfect recipe for any basement rager.
Noisey picked up on the rowdier tendencies of Aneurysm’s sound, instructing, “Press play on the title track of the band’s upcoming 7” Stop The Ride. When the song commences, crack a skateboard deck over your friend’s skull and prepare to be suplexed through a stack of wooden shipping pallets” while advising “prepare to rock the hell out to the strange melting pot of sound that Aneurysm brings to the table”.

Upcoming Shows:08/19 – Nashua, NH @ 5 Dragons w/ Slow Form of Suicide, Rejiem & Crystal Methodist
08/21 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/ Love Moon & Limo
09/24 – Providence, RI @ AS220 w/ Die Choking, Empty Vessel, Grizzlor & Crosse Armed Calculator (Riotous Outburst Fest)

Boston’s Aneurysm was born in the thick of cross-country moves, carpal tunnel surgery, and an opiate-fueled convalescence during the ominous autumn before Hurricane Nemo pummeled the eastern seaboard into a frenzied state of arctic submission. Such harbingers of doom are hardly the omens one generally seeks when charting an auspicious path – but Aneurysm thrives on chaos, so it proved the perfect storm. In late Spring of 2014, while the long-awaited glacial retreat exposed mountains of orphaned bikes, thawing turds, and steaming garbage across the city, Mark (drums) and Dan (guitar) resurfaced from their rank subterranean Brighton hovel with the “ANEURYSM – DemO” tape, a debut that swiftly garnered a positive reviews.

Their current line up, featuring Mike (ex-The Network, vocals), Randy (guitar) and Kevin (bass) together with Dan and Mark, has already made a name for themselves in the Boston scene, opening for Child Bite, Coliseum, and Dave Lombardo’s (ex-Slayer) new band, Philm.

Drawing their influences from late 70’s L.A. punk, 80’s hardcore, and 90’s grunge, Aneurysm offers up a filthy cluster of songs that combine the dark and dreary with heart breaking pop and dirty-ass rock and roll.

Aneurysm’s most recent recording session with Will Killingsworth, produced a pair of 7” EPs to be released via Tor Johnson Records (Providence, RI) and one through the band’s own label, Puritan Candy.  Hot on the heels of these releases, the band is playing across New England and building a dedicated fan base. They’re headed to Zippah Studios this Fall to record with producer Brian Charles of The Sheila Divine.

Stop This Ride tracklist:

1. Stop This Ride
2. Swallow My Prize
3. Sweetwater
4. Violet (Hole cover)

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