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August 19, 2015


When you hear the name ArcTanGent, you don’t need an introduction.  If you’re crazy for math-rock, post-rock, noise, experimental music and basically anything slightly out of the ordinary- then this respected festival is for you.

If you speak to any touring band, any established label, any music loving individual at any live show, you are guaranteed to talk about and asked if you’re attending this year’s ArcTanGent. The smaller sister festival of the equally renowned 2000 trees, and remarkably only in it’s third year, ArcTanGent festival lives up to it’s own legacy. It’s not just a weekend of incredible music they provide but they’ve curated their own solid music community, their own festival hub. The perfect combination of the best music and the best like- minded attendees.

The monumental line up features the likes of  Cult of Luna, Mylets, LITE, CHON, pg.lost, ToundraDillinger Escape Plan, Deafheaven ,The Fall of Troy, 65daysofstatic, OHHMS, Alright The Captain, Cleft, Talons,  Polymath, Deerhoof, Blanck Mass, Helms Alee, Mutiny On The Bounty, Delta Sleep, Axes, The Fierce & the Dead, Quadrupede,  Emma Ruth Rundle, Lambhorn, Juffage, Bodyhound and many many more.

With just 1 more nights sleep left for most, it’s nearly time for this years colossal weekend to kick off  in style at Fernhill Farm, it’s time for the fun to begin. Everywhere you look our fellow press lovelies are all talking and hyping Arctangent, they’re every bit excited as we are. Over the last week we’ve had the pleasure in chatting to a special handful of talented and unique acts playing this years line up; to find out why ArcTanGent is special to them and who those other acts are that they’re desperate to see perform.

 The Chaos Engineers

Photography: The Chaos Engineers

In our final ArcTanGent artist instalment we had the pleasure in chatting to the Post Rock/Math rock/Prog rock and somewhat iconic band The Fierce & The Dead. Together the quartet create the perfect atmospherical instrumentation. Having just released their new EP ‘Magnet’, what better way to reveal the release then by performing at ArcTanGent.

You’re playing this years ArcTanGent- How excited are you?

Kev: We’re really excited! How could you not be! It’s a pretty amazing line up so we’re honoured to have been asked to play.

What stage are you playing and what can we look forward to from your live set?

Kev: We are playing the Yohkai Stage on the Friday. Very much looking forward to jumping around on a decent sized stage. We will be playing tracks from our new e.p. ‘Magnet’ amongst other things. It will be loud and you can dance to it.

Matt: Lots of joy, we love playing live. 

Which acts are you desperate to see perform and why?

Kev: I’m really looking forward to hearing the bands I’ve never heard before. I think when you have an opportunity to discover  so many new bands you have to take it. Wandering around and hearing your new favourite band is always fun.

Matt: Lots of bands we like, I’m especially excited about Vessels, Cleft, Trojan Horse and Alright The Captain, four of my favourite bands right there.

Why is ArcTanGent special to you?

Kev: To have a whole festival dedicated to non mainstream, ‘out there’ music is just amazing. It’s a rallying point in the scene that has had a big impact across the UK and I’m sure further afield too. The sense of community out there is getting stronger and stronger and so many new fans and bands are getting involved because ArcTanGent has increased the visibility of this music, raised it above the noise, by booking excellent headliners and giving newer bands a chance  to play to big crowds.

Give us some festival advice-what do we need to bring with us for this weekend? Do we need to prepare ourselves!

Kev: Preparation is a sign of weakness. Bin bags, loo roll and a lust for adventure.

Editors Note: Thank you Kev and Matt on behalf of TFATD and good luck with your latest release.

Well that’s it,  all of our artist features are done and we’re ready for this weekend! To all attending have a great time and to all playing we can’t wait to see you on your chosen stage.

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