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ArcTanGent Line Up Special- 5 Minutes with Quadrupède

August 11, 2015


When you hear the name ArcTanGent, you don’t need an introduction.  If you’re crazy for math-rock, post-rock, noise, experimental music and basically anything slightly out of the ordinary- then this respected festival is for you.

If you speak to any touring band, any established label, any music loving individual at any live show, you are guaranteed to talk about and asked if you’re attending this year’s ArcTanGent. The smaller sister festival of the equally renowned 2000 trees, and remarkably only in it’s third year, ArcTanGent festival lives up to it’s own legacy. It’s not just a weekend of incredible music they provide but they’ve curated their own solid music community, their own festival hub. The perfect combination of the best music and the best like- minded attendees.

The monumental line up features the likes of  Cult of Luna, Mylets, LITE, CHON, pg.lost, ToundraDillinger Escape Plan, Deafheaven ,The Fall of Troy, 65daysofstatic, OHHMS, Alright The Captain, Cleft, Talons,  Polymath, Deerhoof, Blanck Mass, Helms Alee, Mutiny On The Bounty, Delta Sleep, Axes, The Fierce & the Dead, Quadrupede,  Emma Ruth Rundle, Lambhorn, Juffage, Bodyhound and many many more.

With just over a week left until years colossal weekend kicks off at Fernhill Farm, a short journey from Bristol City Centre, it’s time to get excited. We’ve been very lucky to spend 5 minutes with a handful of unique acts performing on this years bill; to find out why Arctangent is so special to them and which other acts they cant wait to see.


In our first instalment we got to speak to one of our favourite live bands of all time -the mighty Le Mans based 2-piece  Quadrupède. Fitting in the genres of Noise Rock and Electronic Math Rock, Quadrupède mutate between the two and create something so unique they can call it their own.  Joseph & Damien are the powerful force behind the captivating Quadrupède. The Instrumental rock band that flirt  with electronics to create their enchanting compositions.
You’re playing this years ArcTanGent- How excited are you?

Every year since the creation of ATG, the line up leaves us speechless! We have loads of friends who go there every year, Clothilde and Didier from Black Basset Records for example, and they always say how amazing it is, and how it’s one of the best festivals they know. So yes yes yes, we can say that wer’e extremely excited and happy to play there!! But we’re also a bit scarred too : pre-gig soft pooping, alot of that we expect…

What stage are you playing and what can we look forward to from your live set?

It seems that we play on the incredible Yohkai stage. We worked hard on our live set throughout the summer, with perhaps a little surprise … Unfortunately, there will be no pyrotechnics or fancy explosions.

Which acts are you desperate to see perform and why?

Seriously? We want to see almost everything! Gum Takes Tooth, Blanck Mass, 100onces, Helms Alee, Alright The Captain, Mylets, Deerhoof, Quadrilles, Juffage … and many many many more !

Why is ArcTanGent special to you?

ATG has become very special to us during our first UK tour earlier in May. Everywhere we played we met some really nice and amazing people. And what’s great about this festival, and this UK scene, is that we’ll see 90% of these people at this festival. We really can’t wait to see them again, to see all the many friends we met from the beginning of Quadrupède and to meet new people!

Give us some festival advice-what do we need to bring with us for this weekend? Do we need to prepare ourselves!

Bring a helmet for the huge moshpit during Deerhoofs’ set!

Editors note: Thank you as always! See you down on the farm shortly.

You can see why we admire this band so much by watching a live video of their track  TTMWIHTII, we filmed the band during their UK tour earlier this year.

We’ve got a few more artist interviews to follow but what are you waiting for, get that tent by the door ready for your weekend escape, put on a special tangent playlist and get ready to enjoy this years arc!


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