Vaadat Charigim: Israeli trio confirm UK release of powerful new record ‘Sinking as a Stone’ for Sept 25th on Burger Records‏

July 15, 2015



Tel Aviv’s Vaadat Charigim have confirmed details for the UK release of their vast, surging new record ‘Sinking as a Stone’. The album will be available on 12” vinyl through Burger/Anova records as of September 25th.

Since their inception in 2012 the trio, consisting of Yuval Haring (guitar, vocals), Yuval Guttman (drums) and Dan Fabian Bloch (bass) have been hugely influential on the Israeli rock scene, with their brooding, textured shogaze rapidly growing international following despite singing entirely in Hebrew – an unprecedented achievement for an Israeli rock band.

‘Sinking as a Stone’ follows their 1st LP – ‘The World is Well Lost’ (2012) and continues the band’s search for meaning in a chaotic, war stricken world – a world they openly speak of.

Unlike the 1st record, which dealt more with catastrophe, ‘Sinking as a Stone’ is about frustration, of feeling time passing, of being aware of one’s self. This sense of frustration is taken apart song by song, each piece of music representing different states of emptiness, which a young Israeli can find him or herself in: The frustration of waiting, the frustration of being hopeful, the frustration of death, the frustration of hopelessness, the frustration of never finding love in the city, and so on.

In a recent interview, Yuval Haring explained:

“This new record is more complex for me. Instead of singing about missiles falling on a shopping mall and naming the missile and the shopping mall, I am taking the essence of that, and breaking it down to its basic mechanism; I am dealing with it piece by piece, as fragments. The first record was an impressionistic painting to me. I was observing the world. In time, I leaned more into inner observation and began a process of recording as expressing.

“This album is more abstract because of that shift. I was looking for disaster not outside, but inside, and I found deep “boredom” in the sense of “nothingness”, and I built everything on that.

‘Sinking as a Stone’ is the 2nd part of the band’s “Tel Aviv trilogy”, with most songs describing or dealing lyrically with local bohemian states of mind. It is a record that swirls with potent emotions and, whilst representing the listless state of mind of it’s creators, is still striking and absorbing, taking the listener on a journey of texture & mood.

Vaadat Charigim hint at influences from the likes of Ride and Slowdive but ultimately paint a story that is their own, injecting their own story, a unique sense of intuition and all the aesthetic & rhythmic idiosyncrasies of the Hebrew language.

Vaadat Charigim are currently lining up their debut UK tour dates – more information to follow soon.

‘Sinking as a Stone’ tracklist:

1. Neshel (translation: The Snake’s Skin)
2. Hadavar Haamiti (translation: The Real Thing)
3. Klum (translation: Nothing)
4. Ein Li Makom (translation: I Have No Place in This World)
5. Imperia Achrona (translation: The Last Empire)
6. At Chaver Sheli (translation: Girlfriends)
7. Hashiamum Shokea (translation: The Boredom Sinks In)

‘Sinking as a Stone’ artwork:


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