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July 13, 2015



Be Machinery/You Oughta Be In Pictures


Debut album available 29th June 2015


“…They’ve got ‘Blood’, which starts with a sleazy riff before becoming oh so much more.” – Supajam

 Whilst they’re are every bit as influenced by the noise-rock of the bands they’ve been compared to, ‘Blood’ offers a far more melodious side to the genre’s often caustic tendencies” – Shout 4 Music


Spanish based garage rock outfit, Parlement have just announced the release of their new single ‘Little Liar’ taken from their forthcoming album Be Machinery/You Oughta Be In Pictures.  The band consists of singer-songwriter Stefan Robert, Carlos Arroniz on drums, Raül on bass and Javi Bueno on lead guitar. 

Clearly influenced by some of the best rock bands of the late eighties and early nineties, ‘Little Liar’ Stefan Roberts sings with an edginess and swagger, that leaves you imagining that he is the sort of front man that would be exhilarating to watch perform live.  His vocals carry that Northern Soul grittiness of the Stone Roses and The Charlatans, yet he delivers this with short punchy verses, which opens the floor for the rest of the band.  We get to hear Javi play some stadium rock licks, chops and solos, which when combined with Carlos thumping out some old school powerhouse drumming and Raül bouncing out a bassline that hints at his Latin roots.

 ‘You On Mind’ blasts out fast and heavy in a Red Hot Chilli Peppers style intro with lots of bass, beats and guitar racing along in unison, and then the vocals kick in with the very dark punk-esque lyric – “I am going to find myself a whore, and do her all night long, with you on my mind”.  This is a break up song, broken over the knee of punk rock and rebuilt into something angrier… something incredibly awesome! 

 ‘Falling from Heights’ is reminiscent of the American folk rock scene we saw in bands such as Live and REM with a vocal line heavy laden with angst. 

 In this album they have fused the best of the British garage and American indie-grunge scenes and the result is an incredibly nostalgic, yet fresh sound. 

 ‘Little Liar’ out to purchase at all the usual places 29th June on the bands first studio album “Be Machinery/You Oughta Be In Pictures”.





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