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Nevsky Perspective S/T EP Review | Simon Gore

July 22, 2015


Nevsky Perspective EP

Released 12th June 2015 via Hummus Records

Written by Simon Gore

Nevsky Perspective is the solo project/brain child of Swiss born Hervé Girardin. A gentle, softly spoken fellow of professional jazz education with a well established musical archive of previous works from his home soil. Despite his national success, the humble, bearded being found refuge in South Wales some three years ago.

Girardin adapted well to Grey Britain, replacing chocolate, cheese and watches for the age-old art that is British sarcasm, abandoning his comforting, Swiss teddy bear for “an empty Stella can full of fag butts”. Yet behind the welcoming, aesthetic guise stands a compelling creative force of seemingly limitless ability and dedication to which the self-titled Nevsky Perspective EP is testimony.

This enticing work reflects a harmony to the likes of The Dead Weather, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Kills throughout. Opening track, No Compliance, would not feel out of place on Radiohead’s OK Computer. Following track, Might Last a Day is the EP’s single and blesses and air of British Nostalgia for the more experienced listener, baring a vague affinity to the late, great Chikinki.

Girardin’s vocals are piercingly delicate, hauntingly beautiful, yet burst into crescendos of passion – a perfectly compelling attribute to the innovative instrumentation of this record.

The EP’s production is no less prolific than its compositions, exhibiting adequate yet never over powering tape hiss – a tip of the hat to Girardin’s analogue ethos.

Nevsky Perspective will be performing to audiences across Europe in the autumn with a full line up of live, session musicians without a laptop in sight!




Words: Simon Gore

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