Mike Krol shares “This Is the News” from Turkey‏

July 19, 2015

George Baier IV


Mike Krol shares “This Is the News” from Turkey

Get ready to get “a little bit louder now”! Today, Mike Krol shares “This Is the News” from his Merge debut Turkey, describing the song as “my Declaration of Independence, my Manifest Destiny, my Treaty of Versailles, and my answer to ‘Shout’ by the Isley Brothers.”
Stereogum premiered the track, writing “Mike Krol is garage rock’s underdog that everyone will want to root for — they just don’t know it yet.” Start spreading the word, because the secret is out on Mike Krol!
Turkey is due out on 4 September via Merge Records and is available for pre-order on CD and LP in the Merge store, and digitally via iTunes.
Keep up with Mike on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here’s something he posted up earlier:
This album is dedicated to everyone who said “You’ll never make it by not playing concerts.” And “You’ll never make it by putting out 15 minute long records every two years, getting completely ignored by blogs, and having little to zero social media presence.”

This album is dedicated to anyone who turned 30 and realized that all their rock and roll heroes accomplished their best work before they turned 27.

This album is dedicated to anyone who quit their job to pursue their dreams and never gave up on the goals they’ve had since they were a child.

This album is about teaching yourself how to play guitar and never figuring out how to play guitar and sing at the same time, but not letting that stop you from making music.

This album is about believing in the power of real humans playing real instruments and expressing real emotions.

This album is about being nice to people, always, no matter what.

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