Love Zombies release their debut EP ‘Be Honest’

July 13, 2015


Love Zombies

Debut EP

‘Be Honest’

August 18th

On August 18th 

Love Zombies release their debut EP ‘Be Honest’, an explosion of sonic goodness.

Led by the force of nature that is Hollis J,  Love Zombies are an infectious power pop band, combining California sunshine with London punk and the Be Honest EP perfectly encapsulates this exciting new sound.

The sassy Hollis explains the lead track on the three song EP,  Be Honest produced by Jason Perry is “about being honest. Being honest in life in general…No one likes to be lied to, tricked, cheated on”

Describing themselves as 2015 New Wave, Love Zombies head-spinning musical style may be uplifting and fun but the messages and themes in their songs are tied into a lot of the seriousness of what’s going on in the world today.

Indulge now in the video for the brilliant ‘Be Honest’, a the tale of revenge ….

Along with the title track the Be Honest EP features two songs written by the band and produced by Ginger Wildheart : the anthemic International Bug and the franticly direct Teleportation.

The London-based Love Zombies, recently called ‘oddball vaudeville punks’ have just played Camden Rocks and Download, toured with Stiff Little Fingers and L7 and will no doubt charm you.  

To purchase Be Honest EP go to

Be Honest EP track listing

01     Be Honest.

02     International Bug.

03     Teleportation.

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