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Introducing PERTINI – electronic/indie duo (produced by Micachu and the Shapes)‏

July 17, 2015



Debut single ‘Blackfriars Bridge’ released on July 31st

Dreamy electronic atmospheres designed to galvanise the mind against apathy and lethargy.” – The Line of Best Fit
Not many bands have disbanded due to a key band member wanting to become a priest, but this time last year, Sandro Schiena, found himself on the wrong side of the altar when his co-founder and best friend felt the vocation, in the middle of recording an album that was never to be.

Today, his new band, Pertini have launched their debut single Blackfriars Bridge, produced by Micachu and The Shapes’ drummer, Marc Pell, scheduled for a digital release on Friday 31st July. It’s a melancholic reflection on how your own apathy and laziness can relentlessly kill anything that you hold dear, be it a relationship or your dreams and aspirations.

“When my best friend chose God over me (unfair competition) and left our previous band, everything fell apart; I decided that whatever I was going to do next had to be very personal. The band name was the starting point. I was named after Italian president Sandro Pertini, a non-corrupt politician who opposed organised crime and fought for social justice; a bit of a rarity in Italian politics.”

Sandro’s Italian roots are joined in this new musical project by French/Irish drummer Kevin Barthelemy. Influenced by the highs of Wes Anderson movies and the dark side of films made by Jacques Audiard and Paolo Sorrentino, the duo will be playing live at the following London shows:

5th August – The Monarch, 40-42 Chalk Farm Rd, Camden, NW1

Pertini is:

Sandro Schiena – Vocals/ Guitar/ Keys
Kevin Barthelemy – Drums / Samplers / BVs

Follow Pertini at:

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