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Introducing NOVAH – ‘When The Storm Arrived’ new single‏

July 17, 2015


Introducing NOVAH ‘When The Storm Arrived’ New single with a heartbreaking video out now

“The thought was to make a short film rather than a music video. It has a kind of underlying statement in the storyline connecting to the phrase ‘you can’t stop making choices”


“When the Storm Arrived” is the debut track from Swedish group NOVAH through the new Stockholm-based label ‘Icons Creating Evil Art’.

The song, written over Skype between teens David Tranberg and Simon Hagström Rennerstedt and recorded amongst the outcasts of Berlin is just as unexpected as it is raw and honest. Raised on the same street the pair rehearsed heartfelt Oasis covers and created own melodies in their parents’ garages. In time, their project developed into the complete indie rock act Shouting Terry.  The band rose into early stardom with A&R pulls from both sides of the Atlantic. But instead of becoming teen idols they split and sprung into a wider array of projects. It wasn’t until late 2013 they joined forces and created Novah. In the airspace between Germany and Sweden they found a straightforward sound similarly found in indie colleagues such as Deportees, Bon Iver and early Coldplay.

NOVAH are; Paul Strand on drums, Filip Hagström Rennerstedt on bass, Simon Hagström Rennerstedt on vocals/keyboard/guitar, Oskar Karlström and David Tranberg on vocals/guitar.

Video shot in Finland by director Jasmine Alakari and her director of photography Marcus Hansen. 

Icons Creating Evil Art
ICEA is a project driven by the passion for music; where new music is to be found and developed. One could call it a greenhouse for growing artists. So far the roster consists of the Italian trio Emmecosta, the Soundcloud pair Flora Cash, Swedish indie pop band Novah, and the folk band Brothers Among Wera.

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