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WE BELIEVE IN LITTLE L RECORDS- Goshawk, Monsters of The Antipodes and This City Called Earth 3 Way Split Release Feature

June 9, 2015



We believe in Little L Records. We believe in their releases and we certainly approve of their latest announcement/addition/pre-order to their back catalog. In a first for us we have the pleasure in chatting to all three talented bands involved in Little L Records latest split release- Goshawk, Monsters of The Antipodes and This City Called Earth.

Earlier this year Little L Records announced it’s plans to release a three way split with 3 very unique math rock experimental acts.

Goshawk is described as spasmodic noise rock sounds that can be found filling the streets of Berlin, raw and direct in delivery with a visceral quality to knock you off your feet.

Monsters Of The Antipodes‘ crushing heavy math rock sounds are the Maryland boy’s signature dealings. Loud, intimidating and oh so good.

This City Called Earth the project of Anthony Vargas. TCCE keep the highly calculated, mind-bending technical math rock coming, challenging and groovy through the whole ride.

The three- way split contains 10 hard hitting tracks. A collection of songs which will captivate, inspire and move the listener. Goshawk kick start the release with their abrasive, experimental noodly attributes and instantly make it impossible to stop listening. Monsters Of The Antipodes follow with a more heavier direction, with hardcore attributes fused with some filthy basslines and riffs. This City Called Earth brings the split to a heightened finish with Cloudkicker/ Alright The Captain style math rock with the perfect amount of  tangible guitar hooks doused in Melody.

Once again Little L Records have curated the perfect playlist and this split is a must hear. We are extremely pleased to speak to all three acts to find out more about their chosen tracks, their inspiration and teaming up with LLR.

Firstly thank you all for spending time with us. A new one for us as we interview all three talented bands involved in Little L Records recent split release. Before we get to the details of the collaboration we want to get to know more on you- Introduce yourselves, your band and how long have you been creating/performing live?

TCCE: I’m Anthony Vargas, and I’m in the band/project ‘This City Called Earth’. Thus far, it’s coming up on 3 years now!

MOTA: My name is Greg and I play guitar. Adam plays bass and Jboy (Alex) plays drums. We’ve been together as a band since early 2010.

Goshawk: We are Goshawk from berlin, a trio consisting of bass, guitar and drums. We’ve been playing together for 5 years now.

What’s the story behind the formation of your outfit and where did the name come from?

TCCE: Basically up to this point, it’s been soley just myself. I always anted to be in a band in which I could express my ideas freely,; however, I was unable to find any consortium of people to play with, so I began focusing my time and efforts on recording, but in full band arrangements. Eventually, I decided, one day, I wanted to write an album of somekind as at the time I had so many ideas and songs but none of it as really connected much at all. Enter the first, self-titled EP.

As far as the name it self and where that came from, it’s kind of silly really. Basically, when websites would ask me for account password verfication questions, I would select, “Which city was your mother born in?” I knew it was somewhere in Texas, although at the time I didn’t really know. At any rate, one day I just googled around and found a list of every city i Texas, and on the list I found out ‘Earth’ was a city in Texas, and I was like, “whoah, that’s kind of cool!” It left an imprint on me for some reason and then I started to just put ‘Earth’ as the answer, hahah.

From there, it kind of seemed like the obvious choice for a band/project name.

MOTA: Adam and I have been best friends since early high school. When we both went to college at Virginia Tech, some friends came down to visit when we were playing a show with our first band, McNulty. We were introduced to Jboy, who coincidently lived 10 minutes outside of our hometown (which was 5 hours away). We jammed when we had breaks from school and we’ve kept up ever since. We are still all in various locations but we make the best of our situation and our friendship seems to prevail through anything.

Goshawk: The drummer and the bass player played in a band called “Freddy Famous” and the guitar player in a and called “Tick,Trick und Fuck”.
We had a concert together and afterwards we had some sessions. That’s basically how we came together. First of all, we thought goshawk looks cool written. We thought it fits to our sound, it’s a fast bird with a sharp sight.

Where do your ideas originate from, what is it that inspires you and your work?

TCCE: Well, I listen to a loooot of music; Hideki Naganuma, Dismemberment Plan, This Will Destroy You, Arctic Monkeys, Giant/Braveyoung, The Chariot (to name a a minuscule few), while a lot of stuff does and doesn’t have much in common, it all still goes into the melting-pot of various influences and random ideas.
Sometimes, I try to imitate a song by some band or style of music only to sound really nothing like it, but with the thought process in mind, it usually turns out interesting anyways. A lot of my music tends to be rhythmically based, and I think that’s primarily to do with the fact that I really love the concept of patterns. Even as a kid, I always looked for any patterns, and thats mostly all that I’m doing.

MOTA: I generally make a riff on guitar and it evolves from there. Everyone definitely has equal input.

Goshawk: We think inspiration comes from everywhere. Ideas don’t just originate from themselves, they develop out of everything that surrounds us.

How would you personally describe your sound?

TCCE: ….Experimental, Snow-Mobilecore

MOTA: I would describe our sound as space-power blast-experimental-math rock.

Goshawk: We want to sound like an overdose.

How did you all get involved with Little L Records and why was this charming label the right home for your efforts?

TCCE: I want to say that Callum sent me an email about releasing of my music after I put out the self-titled EP and I was really stoked about it, so we bounced some ideas
back and forth and the split was one of the products of the collaborations between us.
Personally, I feel “homely” with Callum and Little L because he helps point me in the right direction with my endeavours; he has really good ideas, and quite frankly,
I don’t really know what I’m doing so….hahah (Thank You Callum <3)

MOTA: Callum emailed me after Monsters recorded our first real album, Houses. He seemed like a super nice guy with a cool vision and I couldn’t help but like him. He’s young and energetic and passionate and those qualities in a person will shine in the indie music scene.

Goshawk: I can’t remember how we got together but we had the feeling it’s a good thing to work together with LLR. We liked a lot of the music Callum had released so far.

Were you aware your music was to be fused with one another?

TCCE: Initially? No. I had no idea where any of this was going until the split started to come together.

MOTA: I was aware from the beginning of the plan to make this split. I absolutely love Goshawk and TCCE so this has been very exciting.

Goshawk: Right from the start we thought its a good opportunity to make some records with other bands we like from the label. Especially with bands from other countries we wouldn’t have met without Little L Records. Of course we didn’t know that it was going to be TCCE and MOTA. In the end Greg from MOTA and our guitar player had the idea to make that split.

The chosen tracks on the release flow perfectly from start to finish and showcases MOTA, Goshawk and TCCE diverse abilities but why were these tracks the most fitting?

TCCE: That’s humbling to hear. Having said that, these tracks were designed and mostly setup for going right into each other like they do. I love those kinds of transitions!

MOTA: Monsters has been in a hiatus since Jboy is now in Colorado and Adam and I are in Baltimore. We were doing other various music projects and when Jboy came back to visit last winter we focused on getting shows. When the idea of the split came about, and when we realised Jboy was coming home for a few days last spring, we bashed these three songs out. I was digging heavier music, and Goshawk and TCCE brought that out of us more.

Goshawk: We wanted to record 3 tracks that are as different as possible. Also different to the songs we released on LLR before. The general idea of the split was to make a math rock split, but I guess we are more punk than math rock.

Casting back to when you recorded the compositions, describe the inspiration found within each track?

TCCE: Well, Sever the limbs was inspired by Modest Mouse and somehow, dismemberment plan, at the same time, but with tappy stuff and I dont even know hahaha. Unanimous Vote was the product of me wanting something laid back and something to drive around and feel stuff to. I think I managed to provoke that feeling, at least for me when im driving through the city.
With Rockets, I wanted something I could really go on adventure with like,ups and downs, and just something fun. Finally, with ‘//:Hideki, Sleeping Razor’ I wanted something to be able to jam to, but with a catch at the end;I like stuff like that hahah.

MOTA: Monsters has been in a hiatus since Jboy is now in Colorado and Adam and I are in Baltimore. We were doing other various music projects and when Jboy came back to visit last winter we focused on getting shows. When the idea of the split came about, and when we realised Jboy was coming home for a few days last spring, we bashed these three songs out. I was digging heavier music, and Goshawk and TCCE brought that out of us more.

Goshawk: The song “American Sektor” is some sort of a “cover song” by a Berlin based punk rock band called “Tempo” from the 80s. Actually, we just used one line of the lyrics. and this line says “you are leaving the American Sector”. In times of the GDR you could read those lines on street signs at the borders in West Berlin. This sentence has lost none of its significance at this time and the current political situation in the world and we thought its a good idea to put that song on the split.

Now the 10 track split has been revealed, what does the final finished release mean to you and what do you feel it captures?

TCCE: I think it’s kind of like a photo album or something that holds an image or something tangible, but is also subjective to the person looking into it. I like the fact that music, and more closely this release can morph into whatever, depending on the mood of the listener.
Having said that, personally, for me, it’s tangible, documented proof that we tried to do anything at all.

MOTA:  Blood Blisters, Cereal Junky, and Four Years and Heavy Horses all flow as one song. For me, the energy of the songs initially came from getting in really bad arguments with one of my best friends. We had lived together for three years and went to school together and we had a bad falling out. So initial anger came out of that, and then when Jboy and Adam and I all linked up to work on the songs they just came together in no time. The songs sort of turned into a declaration of the friendship between the three of us. So it was this awesome metamorphosis of emotions from anger into enlightenment and happiness. It is very much a celebration of friendship even though it came out of the bad parts of another relationship.

Goshawk: We think it sounds cool.

What do you love about having your music on a physical format such as cassette, especially as Little L Records have created 3 different covers?

TCCE: Having music on a physical format is something I still have to learn to adjust to. It’s never happened before with any musical endeavor i’ve been a part of up until now. It’s really exciting.

MOTA: C’mon man, cassettes are mad cool.

Goshawk: In the times of the internet it doesn’t make sense to make cds anymore. You can listen to music on Bandcamp, Spotify and so on, but to release something physical is something we like to do. Vinyl is still too expensive for us, thats why our last releases are all cassettes.

What do you believe is the best thing about being a DIY band on a notorious DIY label?

TCCE: The main thing for me, is that it’s a lot more flexible and that a lot can be done a much more flexible, and in a lot of cases, smaller budget. I think it’s quite nice because when it’s time to go “all out” it really means a lot, for everyone I think.
Not only that, but you get to watch and be involved with something that’s still growing and is this flexible apparatus with room for improvisation and it’s a lot more interesting to me, personaly, than a Major Label or something.

MOTA: A DIY label is like a family. I talk to Anthony and the dudes from Goshawk and Callum frequently. I love that aspect of it. I’m constantly being exposed to new music and cool people.

Goshawk: To do stuff by yourself gives you the possibility to do unusual things. We released a single before the split with our song “Jin Ling”. This single is basically just a packet of cigarettes with a download code. You couldn’t do things like that if you wouldn’t make them by yourself.

What does the future hold that we can all look forward to?

TCCE:Experimental-Math Rock on planet Mars. #2024/8

MOTA: Who knows what the future holds. A lot of new music from Monsters for damn sure!

Goshawk: We want to make a 10 inch with our song “methman trilogy”

And finally any last words?

TCCE: Thank you to who ever contributed, or listened, and who were even there in spirit with us at any point; I think that I can speak for everyone involved on that note.

Goshawk: Enough words – listen to it. Like it or not. Spread it. And, thanks to LLR, MOTA and TCCE.

We cannot thank you all enough, a pleasure chatting to you all and we wish all the best!

Little L Records once again gets it so right, there’s a reason they are one of the most valued labels around and their latest curated split release is another reason why- pick up the release now –

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