Telekinesis returns on September 18th with new album, Ad Infinitum

June 19, 2015



Telekinesis will release a new full-length album entitled, Ad Infinitum on September 18 on Merge records.  Yesterday Telekinesis frontman, Michael Benjamin Lerner joined KEXP’s John in the Morning to premiere album track “In a Future World.”

KEXP blog –

Listen to and share the song now via Soundcloud.  And watch the album trailer featuring Lerner’s vast array of synthesizers and drum machines used to create the songs on the album HERE

When it came time to make the fourth Telekinesis album, drummer/songwriter/principal architect Michael Lerner found himself in a predicament.  In just under five years, he had released three fantastic records—Telekinesis! (2009), 12 Desperate Straight Lines (2011), and Dormarion (2013) – each more ambitious than the last.  He had toured all over the world, shared stages with great bands, and enthralled fans of his infectious, ebullient power pop. Newly married and happily ensconced in the home studio he’d assembled in his West Seattle basement, Lerner found himself asking the question that has haunted modestly successful bands down the ages: What do you do after the rock and roll dreams you had when you were 19 have come true?

“I went down to the basement,” Lerner recalls, “and started playing the same chords I always play… I just felt like I’d exhausted everything I knew. I was not excited at all. I just could not make another power-pop album.” 

While many artists have made fruitful use of vintage sounds and production techniques in recent years, Ad Infinitum is a different animal.  It feels less like a time capsule and more like a time machine.  In the movie version of the story, Lerner would stumble on his way down the stairs, hit his head, and wake up in 1983, and the only way he could get back to the present day would be to make a record using available instruments. Then he’d wake in 2015 to discover he’d been in his basement studio all along.  And the record he’d made in that strange dream state would turn out to be Ad Infinitum, the most ambitious and assured Telekinesis release to date.

Ad Infinitum is available for pre-order now on CD and limited-edition snow-white vinyl in the Merge store, and digitally via iTunes.  All LP purchases will include three bonus tracks as a download.

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