Sewer Rats ‘Money Maker’ EP Out on July 27th via Fluffer Records- Band Release New Video

June 9, 2015



Sewer Rats

‘Money Maker’ EP

Out on July 27th via Fluffer Records

“By f**k! Fluffer Records have done it again… they’re putting out an EP by this fuzz-drenched crew of doomsters.” – Crack Magazine

“GNARLY”The Beat

 “Sewer Rats make rock music that’s full of huge riffs that emerge from a primordial soup of drums and bass” Louder Than War

Fluffer Records, the visceral London based label that not only bought us a host of unforgettable live music nights featuring the likes ofSlaves, God Damn, Cerebral Balzy and Bad For Lazarus, but are also responsible for recorded output of garage-punk duo Love Buzzard, have proudly announced the release of their newest signing, Sewer Rats.

 Their vinyl EP, ‘Money Maker’, is released on July 27th and marks over a year of searching for the perfect band to follow up Love Buzzard’s latest release. Expectation is high as these upstarts continue to make waves in the London live music circuit and, having come across the three piece in a disused Grimsby Fish Market, we’re promised a live show like nothing else. Sewer Rats are the real deal, uncontainable attitude collides head-on with chorus hooks full of genuine rock swagger and grit. Transcendental psychedelic jams follow beer soaked crowd surfing and riotous noise-outs.

 This EP release captures so much more than just their live shows too, conveying the energy there, raw passion and noise. It also showcases the staggering musicianship the boys can muster, 20 years old and channelling a range of the greats from The Doors toMotörhead. ‘Money Maker’ opens with the aptly named ‘Skint’, a beat driven blues dirge with doom breakdowns and guitars that rip and roar like muddied chainsaws. Bruce Campbell facing off an Army of Darkness.

 ‘Devil Blues’ brings forward more psychedelic guitars and sinister, other-worldly double vocals before ‘Black Label Serotonin’ breaks up the speed-core with cleaner, acid-soaked psych. Here we’re left to bake in the sun, lifted away momentarily before a wall of feedback has us crash down to earth joined by the pounding drums and fierce riffs of ‘Moneymaker’.

 The EP closer, ‘So Far Away’, impresses with Americana hard rock melodies and harsh vocals to rival Lemmy himself. Shredding, classic guitar solos battle against Sabbath-esc, drawn out chords leaving us in many ways as their live shows do, eager for more and desperate for another hit.

 Fluffer Records are calling them “The Future of British Rock N Roll”, and at this point in their career, it’s hard to argue.

 Sewer Rats can be seen at The Stags Head on July 24th for their EP Launch.



The Band –


Dean Robbins – DRUMS

Iain Morrison – BASS

Luke Morris – GUITAR/VOX

Upcoming dates –


12/06/15 – The jacaranda / Liverpool

13/06/15 – The Big Busk Festival / Cleethorpes

20/06/15 – The Roadhouse / Sheffield

03/07/15 – Aces & Eights Saloon Bar / London

23/07/15 Replay Records / Grimsby (IN STORE EP LAUNCH SHOW)

24/07/15 – Stags Head, London (EP LAUNCH SHOW)

30/07/15 – Dublin Castle / London

31/07/15 – Night & Day / Manchester

01/08/15 – Matrix / Grimsby (EP LAUNCH)

15/08/15 – The Washington / Sheffield

20/08/15 – Fiddlers Elbow / Camden London

26/08/15 – The Shed / Leicester

 29/08/15 – Northern Lights Festival / Cleethorpes

25/09/15 – Waves / Cleethorpes

26/09/15 – Fantasy Island Festival / Cleethorpes

For music, news and tour details –





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