June 12, 2015



Having made the decision to disband later this year, Pariso have returned one last time with a swan song self-titled 12”. Comprised of new material that the band was working on for a 3rd album on side A, whilst tying up the bands discography on side B (with material from rare and out-of-print releases) this puts a distinct ‘full-stop’ upon the band.

By owning all five 12” LPs the band created (1st album ‘Nothing Beyond Everything After’, 2nd album ‘Consanguinity’, the ‘2009-2012’ discography LP, the split LP with Svalbard and now this self-titled release), fans will be able to own everything the band has ever recorded.

Of course the new material here, clocking in at around 18 minutes in total, is of most interest. If their previous release with Svalbard hinted at Pariso going into more straightforward, riffier territory, then these songs more than confirm such a move. Whilst the bands earlier intensity and speed is retained at times, this material displays far more of a rock leaning: occasionally triumphant sounding; occasionally mournful, these songs are (somewhat unfortunately) entirely appropriate and fitting for the bands demise.

The band have announced their last ever show will take place at The Unicorn in Camden with support from label mates Svalbard, as well as Employed To Serveand Daggers.

Pariso was:

Alexander Fitzpatrick

Alexander Heffernan

Kurt Phillips

Mario Gambardella

Stuart Anderson

“Thanks to all past members and fill-ins, and anyone who helped us in any form. Most of all though – thanks to ourselves for always doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted, making the music we wanted hear, travelling to fun places and having a top laugh. It was great.” PARISO 2009-2015



Side A (New)




Osmium Claw


Side B (Not so new)

Sleep At The Temple (digital only)


Straight Hypocrisy


We Three Kings

Cold Venom

Mothers Talons


Tracks 1-5 recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, May 16th-25th 2015, mastered by Tony James at Fenn Audio, May 27th 2015.

Tracks 6-9 & 13 recorded and mixed by Lewis Johns at The Ranch, March 18th-26th, 2013, mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions, April 2013.

Tracks 10-12 recorded, mixed and mastered in August 2012 by Joe Watson at Resident Studios.

Track 6 originally appeared on the vinyl and cassette versions of ‘Consanguinity’, this is the first time it has been available digitally. Tracks 7&13 originally appeared on the ‘Movember’ 7”. Tracks 8&9 originally appeared on the ‘Cover Buzz’ split 7”. Tracks 10-12 previously only available digitally.

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