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June 24, 2015


Single: $$CASH$$ on 1-2-3-4 Records
Release date: 10th July

“A pair of tune-wielding upstarts who want nothing more than to bore into the chest of garage rock and pull out its heart.” Crack

“Catchy as hell guitar lines, screeching vocals and soul splitting drums.” Fred Perry Subculture

“If grunge was a yoghurt left at the back of the fridge for six months, it’d be this pair. An unrelenting squall, somewhere in amongst the fuzz pedals lie itchy, contagious, brattish melodies.” Clash

After plundering the underground live scene round the UK for the past 18 months and supporting the likes of Slaves, Cerebral Ballzy and God Damn, Leeds / Guildford based duo Love Buzzard are about to launch their debut album, ‘Antifistamines’ through the cult London based record label 1234 Records (The Buzzcocks / Babyshambles).

The video for ‘Cash’ which has just been unveiled features wicked neon bright coloured sickly animations mashed over footage of the duo. As the track grinds, perplexes and hits hard with fuzzy thrash riffs and obscure chanting, the leather clad pair rampage through streets firing precious cash from super soakers, morphing passers by into gritty cartoon characters also.

The album due out in August 2015 is a mixture of genre defying psychgaragepunk. Raw, feral, addictive and more aggressive than everything that has stood before it.

Video directed by Youth Hymns

Artwork and animation by Russell Taysom


Forthcoming Shows:

WEDS 24th June- Edinburgh, Bannermans

THURS 25th June- Glasgow, Broadcast

FRI 26th June- Sunderland, Independent

SAT 27th June- Grimsby, Anarchy Fest

Sat 25th July- Leighton Buzzard, The Wheafsheaf

SUN 9th Aug- London w/ Bad For Lazarus, ROADKILL ALL DAYER, Lock Tavern

FRI 23rd-25th Aug- London, FALL OUT FESTIVAL


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