Kuenta i Tambu share new track + playing four sets at Glastonbury‏

June 23, 2015



Share new track ‘Where To Go’
Playing four sets at Glastonbury this week

“Relentlessly innovative and blessed with incredible energy”Clash
“Pure sunshine sounds”Beat
“Infectious in its rhythm and unmatchable in its fiery energy”Wonderland



Maeve Stam

Ahead of their four performances at Glastonbury this week, Kuenta i Tambu have shared new track ‘Where To Go’.

Kuenta i Tambu translates as ‘Stories and Drums’ in the Caribbean language Papiamentu. They are making music inspired by Traditional Afro Caribbean music from the island of Curacao and European dance music. The Amsterdam-based group initially came together in 2005 for a series of educational projects to introduce traditional Afro-Curaçaoan tambú music to children in the Netherlands.

Tambu is the music of ritual, protest and partying created by African slaves and their decedents from the island of Curaçao. Due to the ‘suggestive’ nature of the music and the dance moves associated to Tambu, it was long banned and persecuted by the Catholic Church and the government on the island. The ban has been lifted but it’s still heavily regulated. You can play Tambu on the island if you’re indoors and it does get played on radio from time to time, but as soon as its played out in public, it gets shut down.

The outfit will play four performances at Glastonbury festival this week:

Sat 27th June – Greenpeace 14:40 – 15:20
Sat 27th June – Hell Stage 01:10 – 01:50
Sun 28th June – The Gully 16:15 – 17:15
Sun 28th June – La Pussy Parlure 23:15-00:15


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