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Introducing… Brendan Dalton!‏

June 2, 2015

For fans of: Owen, City and Colour, Noah Gunderson
Brendan Dalton is due to release his official single, Medium on 22nd June 2015 Meraki Records.

To celebrate the release of his forthcoming single, Brendan is sharing free download track ‘Beachcomber’s Holler’ which you can stream and download via the ABoF SoundCloud page.


Brendan began writing in early 2014. His aim was to write music that was personal, honest and heartfelt and, thus, he struggled to write songs that would fit into the confines of a band. The various nuances that come with being part of a collective would not suffice while attempting to emote his innermost thoughts.

Forthcoming single Medium illustrates Brendan’s undoubted flair for songwriting as he tackles the subject of friendship lost and the difficulty of re-establishing the connections we once had. The title of the track is a play on this disconnect, relating it to death and the need for a medium to communicate with those who we were once connected to.

Hailing from Perth in Scotland, Brendan has shown an early talent for writing emotionally charged music, showcasing an ability to play a number of instruments in the process as well as being able to effortlessly transition between skilful guitar pieces and rich, emotive vocals.

Released through the Scottish label Meraki Records, this will be Brendan’s debut single and is accompanied by the free download track ‘Beachcomber’s Holler’. Both tracks emphasise Brendan’s influences as he channels the like ofBon Iver, Owen, City and Colour and elements of Death Cab For Cutie, blended with his own earthy, humble Scottish input, creating an exquisite debut release.

Medium will be available to buy on 22nd June 2015, and you can pre-order it now via Meraki Records.

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