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June 29, 2015



For fans of: Opossum, Clinic, Clor
Gene Serene has released her latest single, Weightlessness, a track taken from her forthcoming album, The Polaris Experience. It’s available to buy digitally on iTunes.

The video for the single premiered on Clash Magazine‘s website, who described it as “a fusion of post-punk, synth-pop and science fiction.” You can watch it via Gene Serene’s YouTube channel.


You can also stream and download album track and single Singularity and ‘Hazza’ for free via the ABoF SoundCloud page and watch the cosmic video that accompanies her previous single via Gene Serene’s YouTube channel.

Inspired by the Mars One project, where members of the public have been given the chance to sign up for a one way ticket to the red planet, The Polaris Experience tells the age old story of boy meets girl, of true connections and love as the technological singularity takes place and the world becomes increasingly toxic to mankind. As war ensues, the star crossed lovers are offered an escape route that will take them off the Earth. Placed in suspended animation and heading away from their celestial home, songs such as ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Upload’ explore the emotions and connections experienced in a technologically superior and interstellar future, existing outside of space and time.

A concept album in the classic sense of the word, Gene Serene enlisted the help of producer and sound engineer Bob Earland (Radiophonic Workshop, Clor) who co-wrote and co-produced the album, providing Gene with a sample library and the tools to create something brilliant. With a sound that owes as much to prog staples Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa and Cardiacs as it does stylistically to Goldfrapp and St Vincent, The Polaris Experience is a stellar addition to the oeuvre of intelligent, vocally driven electronica.

The album was written to be experienced in cinemas and theatres, as well as traditional venues and found spaces, so watch this space for a full list of UK tour dates.

Weightlessness is released via Duchess Box Records and is available to buy digitally on iTunes. The single is taken from The Polaris Experience which is released on 6th July 2015.

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