Eyes Of A Blue Dog Announce New Album + Reveal Track

June 17, 2015



ARTIST: Eyes Of A Blue Dog

ALBUM: Hamartia

RELEASE DATE: 22nd June 2015


Hamartia is the sophomore album from Anglo-Norwegian trio Eyes Of A Blue Dog. Turning a corner from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Rise’ released in 2012, Eyes Of A Blue Dog return with a thrilling new sound. Still with the distinctive elements of their ‘ambient dreamtronica’ sound, Eyes Of A Blue Dog unveil a new expansive atmosphere, mining further into their alt pop and electronica influences that flow through this album.

The band’s Rory Simmons, the trumpeter/guitarist (above left) known for his work with Monocled Man and Fringe Magnetic who once again joins singer Elisabeth Nygård and Spin Marvel electronicist Terje Evensen, both also pictured above, comments on the new album: “It’s kind of an alt-pop, experimental cross between Massive Attack/Little Dragon and Portishead.”

 Hamartia is an album about sin and flaw, based on the ancient Greek word translated as ‘fatal flaw of a hero’ or ‘moral mistake’, in this context Hamartia brings about imagery of hedonism, morality, debauchery and pleasure to the fore. From the seductive broken beat of ‘Spin Me’ and the plaintive vocal of ‘Unhappy Mondays’ to the deep house of ‘Hamartia’; Eyes Of A Blue Dog evolve through dreamlike synths, propulsive beats and the enticing, intimate vocals of Elisabeth Nygaard.

The album also features a duet with Guillemots front-man Fyfe Dangerfield whose enticing performance on ‘Before The Night Ends’ brings the deep flowing narrative of this album to even greater heights. Hypnotic synths, skittering beats and soaring reverb drenched trumpets; recorded in London, Oslo and Trondheim. Hamartia draws sparse Scandinavian sound worlds and British eccentricities into a sweeping cinematic world of alt pop and electronica.Like all good Scandinavian crime thrillers, this will have you spell bound from the opening sequence through to the edge of the seat climax.


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