Washer and Flagland Share Split 7″ EP

May 6, 2015


Washer and Flagland premiere split 7″ via Consequence of Sound

Set for May 5th via ECB&B / Exploding In Sound Records

EP release show May 5th at Brooklyn’s Shea Stadium

Brooklyn garage rockers Washer and the ever shifting “panic rock” pioneers Flagland are sharing their upcoming split 7″ EP via Consequence of Sound, the culmination of the East Coast Basements and Bedrooms (ECB&B) split series. Due out May 5th via ECB&B and Exploding In Sound Records (Pile, Krill, Ovlov) via limited edition 7″ and digital (pre-order) and the two bands will be hitting the road together for a week of regional shows in support of the EP, kicking off tomorrow with the EP’s release show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn.

Following the premiere of Flagland’s new single “Awesome Song, Kerry Jan” on Stereogum and Washer’s “Joe” via underground taste makers AdHoc, the bands are excited to share the remaining EP tracks “Lay Down With Me and Die” (Flagland) and “Clid” (Washer) via Consequence of Sound.


Staples of the up-and-coming DIY scene, Washer and Flagland have developed their own sound within Brooklyn’s congested underground, a scrappy blend of punk, garage, indie, jangly sludge, avant-pop, and noise that is praised by their peers, audiences, and venues alike. Flagland and Washer have played countless shows, molding their sounds with infectious earworm hooks, crushing riffs, and dynamic songwriting that is undeniably memorable and filled with an earnest sense of heart. Flagland and Washer are a match made in heaven, a diabolical union that combines their brilliant brands of indie rock and nuanced punk with a jittery sense of purpose and that can only come from the chaotic and panic induced climate of New York City.

The split 7″ marks the finale to ECB&B’s split series, a trio of splits involving the label’s founding members, Big Ups, Washer, and Flagland. The series which began in 2013 with the Big Ups/Flagland split, continued last year with the Washer/Big Ups split 7” with EIS joining the fold. This year marks the glorious conclusion with Washer and Flagland, two of the cities hardest working indie-punk / garage-grunge bands.

Upcoming Washer + Flagland Tour Dates:
05/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Nest w/ Left & Right & Walking Distance
05/08 – Baltimore, MD @ TBA
05/09 – Washington DC @ The Dougout w/ Eternal Summers
05/10 – New Brunswick, NJ @ In The West w/ Dodge Dirt & Snail
06/12 – Brooklyn, NY @ Aviv w/ Kal Marks, Palm, Wildhoney & more (official Northside showcase) ^

^ Washer only


Washer are a Brooklyn based duo comprised of Mike Quigley (vocals/guitars) and Kieran McShane (drums) though they most certainly don’t fit the generally pre-conceived notions of the rock duo. The band have built a reputation for creating infectious pop songs covered in just enough gnarled distortion and a jagged sense of unpredictability that is delivered with a brainy yet carefree attitude. It’s big, loud, and honest. It’s garage punk with the intensity of avant-grunge and a pinch of mathy complexity lurking underneath the seemingly simple compositions. The band’s new single “Joe” clocks in at under two minutes but packs an enormously anthemic chorus and enough time shifts to stick with you for days.

Washer formed in the late summer months of 2013 and have been playing a whirlwind of shows ever since, frequenting many of Brooklyn’s favorite DIY venues and gaining new fans thanks to their catchy songwriting and simplistic punk charm. The band have played shows with Roomrunner, Solids, PAWS, Guerrilla Toss, Ava Luna, Pile, Teen Suicide, Big Ups, Flagland and many others… a diverse mix of rock’s finest and good company for the duo, a shapeshifting garage punk band and it’s core that’s beloved among their scene.

Their music has a familiarity though maintains a unique and jangled fury, blending elements of early Weezer, The Stooges, Mudhoney, and The Minutemen into their own skewed alt pop and skate punk sound. Their previous releases found the band receiving positive reviews from Noisey, Stereogum, Consequence of Sound and many others and the band are set to record their full length debut this summer with Flagland’s Dan Francia and Nick Dooley producing.


Flagland have been making their own brand of “panic rock” since 2011, and the band have been rather prolific in the process. In the span of four short years they’ve released a massive catalog that contains three full length records (including last year’s exceptional Love Hard on Father/Daughter Records) and a pair of EPs, with over fifty songs that span the entire array of rock music. The band have referred to their songwriting and album structuring as “flipping through rock styles like a manic rolodex” and while it’s been said about many bands before them… Flagland can truly do it all. The band, Kerry Kallberg (guitar/vocals), Dan Francia (bass/vocals), and Nick Dooley (drums), have created the aural manifestation of panic-induced energy, a powerful component they’ve proven able to shape into an array of demented incarnations.

At the core of Flagland’s seething energy and unbridled garage anthems lies an ever present shattered pop sensibility, songs that focus on infectious melodies and honest hooks with the same passion they deliver blistering distortion and locked-in rhythmic brilliance. Flagland have pushed the boundaries of their sound in every imaginable direction, as Kallberg and Francia’s songwriting leaves no path unturned while still achieving an impossible sense of cohesion in the process. The trio have an uncanny gift for hooks both subtle and enormous, unpredictable structures, and dynamic pop experimentation that has made the band one of Brooklyn’s most consistent bands. Flagland are the embodiment of the mind that thrives in chaos. This is garage punk with a reckless intelligence, exuberant energy, and Flagland’s own twisted grasp of heart and soul… and you haven’t experienced anything quiet like it.

Washer / Flagland 7″ tracklist:

1. Flagland – Awesome Song, Kerry Jan [stream/embed]
2. Flagland – Lay Down With Me and Die
3. Washer – Clid
4. Washer – Joe [stream/embed]

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