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Slowgold – ‘Stjärnfall’ Album out now

May 12, 2015


Slowgold – Stjärnfall

Album out now

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“At the point where Mazzy Star meets early Fleetwood Mac you’ll find young Swede Amanda Werne and her hazy psychedelic persona Slowgold.” – Classic Rock Magazine

Slowgold is Amanda Werne and can be described like a vague dream hovering over the western parts of Gothenburg. The music brings to mind the Swedish archipelago in the earliest hours of midsummer eve. Sitting alone, gazing at the horizon while your loved one is leaving. Slowgold got pinches of Neil Young, Hope Sandoval and Gene Clark in the music with one of the strongest voices in Swedens west coast behind the microphone. Slowgold is releasing here second album Stjärnfall the 11th of May 2015. A first four track EP from the same recording session was released in december 2014 and was praised, among others by Classic Rock Magazine.

Slowgold is Amanda Werne that together with a few friends recorded their debut album 2012. The album was released by Morningwood Records (Bombus, Den Stora Vilan). Amanda Werne have been playing and cooperating with Hästpojken, Den Stora Vilan, Stefan Missios and Bye Bye Bicycle. The new Slowgold album is recorded in Oodion Studio in Gothenburg.



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