Sea Cycles Share Synth Pop Voyage “Commando” on Noisey‏

May 5, 2015


Sea Cycles premiere synth pop voyage “Commando” via Noisey

“Ground & Air” LP due out June 9th via Other People Records

Jacksonville, FL quartet Sea Cycles are getting ready to release their full length debut Ground & Air, a psychedelic odyssey through modern synth pop, indie, and experimental rock. Due out on June 9th via Other People Records, Sea Cycles are excited to share the record’s first single “Commando” which made it’s debut via Noisey. The band’s music is complex, pairing stunning floating synths with trip-hop influenced beats, haunting vocals, and progressive guitars that all blend together for a tranquil ambiance that rarely stands still. Ground & Air is a record that demands to be listened to from start to finish to fully embrace, but lead single “Commando” is as good a place to start your visionary trip through their sound as any.

With the premiere of “Commando,” Noisey compared the band’s intricate sound to Syd Barrett experimenting with modern day synth pop before calling the single, “the sonic equivalent of gradually falling into a warm slipstream back in time.” Elaborating on their sound, Noisey added, “Sea Cycles make every sound and buzz in their music expand and explicate into a well-built journey of pleasure.”

Sea Cycles create an explorative aura with Ground & Air, it’s a transformative record that begins one place and ends somewhere else, changed and ready to be experienced again. When asked about the record the band said, “It’s meant to sit with you the same way a movie score does.  It’s a lot of slow builds with colorful explosive climaxes. It’s music for those times when you really daydream, when you let your brain wander.  It’s meant as an audio accompaniment to your thoughts.”


Jacksonville, FL has its list of noteworthy artists and musicians like any city does, however if you manage to dig a bit deeper you’ll find an entire thriving ecosystem of bands like when you used to turn over stones behind your elementary school when you were a kid. Among these many creative and talented groups is a band called Sea Cycles, made up from the minds of Brian Squillace, Landon Paul, Josh Wessolowski and Lindsey Shante. Sea Cycles formed in late 2011 and released their brand of ambient synth pop via their self released debut EP What We Came For. After catching the attention of Other People Records, the band are getting ready to release their full length debut Ground & Air via the Los Angeles based independent label on June 9th, 2015. Drawing positive comparisons to indie favorites such as Broken Social Scene, Yeasayer and M83, Sea Cycles has proven the timeless adage that a good band is a good band and theres no arguing with that.

Ground & Air tracklist:

1. Epiphany on an Insignificant Matter
2. Bear Heads
3. Chhir Batti
5. Fiber Optic Cables to Antartica
6. I am Ground, I am Air
7. Commando [stream/embed]
8. Your Mind is a Sundial
9. Everything Dead
10. Seedlings
11. Diving Bell
12. A Small Nook

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