Oso Oso Serenade “Josephine” via Impose Magazine, Announce Summer Tour‏

May 18, 2015


Oso Oso Release “Josephine” via Impose Magazine

Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters…
Set to be Released via Soft Speak Records June 9th


Oso Oso have released “Josephine,” a hook-filled ode to excitement and potential via Impose Magazine. The song is the second single off of Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters, coming to Soft Speak Records June 9th. Pre-orders are available now via the Soft Speak webstore. Oso Oso will also be touring the east coast this summer. Full list of dates can be found below.
Stream “Josephine” Now via Impose Magazine.
“… the kind of jam you want to play with the windows open, blasting loud for everyone to hear.” – Stereogum

“It’s one thing to write a catchy riff for a chorus, it’s another to have every riff on an album feel like one.” – Washed Up Emo

Oso Oso Summer Tour

6/25 – Boston, MA*
6/26 – Long Island, NY*
6/27 – New Brunswick, NJ*
6/28 – Philadelphia, PA*
6/29 – Washington, DC
6/30 – Wilmington, DE
7/01 – Richmond, VA
7/02 – Charlotte, NC
7/03 – Greensboro, NC
7/04 – Virginia Beach, VA
7/06 – Columbus, OH
7/07 – Pittsburgh, PA
7/08 – Buffalo, NY
7/09 – Albany, NY
7/10 – Brooklyn, NY
7/11 – TBA, CT
* w/ Born Without Bones

Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Looked Like Monsters is available for pre-order now via Soft Speak Records.

Real Stories Of True People, Who Kind Of Look Like Monsters… Track List

1. Track One Side A
2. Wet Grass
3. Another Night
4. Where You’ve Been Hiding
5. How It Happened
6. Josephine
7. Interlude
8. Easy Way Out
9. This Must Be A Place
10. This Must Be An Entrance
11. This Must Be My Exit

If punk-rock is a response to anything, it’s pop—music, culture, that which is mass produced and consumed—which is why their combination requires such a delicate balance. With State Lines, singer and guitarist Jade Lilitri successfully maneuvered the two simultaneously; the band’s brand of fuzz and bounce, bite and fun, found its stride just before it fizzled out. Jade does more than maintain balance under a new name, Oso Oso; he seems to extend his capacity in both domains. Indeed, the songs that make up his first full-length Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters feel equal parts coarse and tangled and inescapable. “Wet Grass,” which begins with thudding toms and guitars that chirp like jungle birds, builds into a chorus thickened with muscular chords and layers of vocals. Jonathan’s melody on tracks like this and “This Must Be a Place” seem instantly hummable—the sort that coax the listener to swim through the thrumming chords and ride the adjacent harmony, if not sing alongside him. Even his bold, buzzing voice seems to express the album’s duality—it cuts through the italicized guitars on “Another Night,” surfs the wake of “This Must Be an Entrance,” hops on “Where You’ve Been Hiding’s” pins and needles, and maintains a confident melody throughout. Thankfully, Real Stories never becomes too pop or too punk, and never stumbles into pop-punk’s shiftless landscape. Instead, Oso Oso sets pop against punk, lets them tear into each other until the result is as ragged as it is anthemic.

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