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Naoise Roo – ‘Lilith’ Debut Album Out Now Via Little L Records

May 13, 2015

Just a few short weeks ago we were promoting the then forthcoming debut release from Naoise Roo, teaming up with Little L Records (of which are home to the release), we asked Callum of Little L to introduce our readers to this talent- which you can re-read here.

Naoise Roo is an incredible and passionate artist with a unique aura who will instantly captivate you. A name we urge you to support, for her abilities are set to take her far. Naoise Roo is accompanied with Karl Tobin, Paul O Connor, Eoin Murphy and Fionntán MacCába.

Naoise  debut album ‘Lilith’ was officially released at the tail-end of April, 27th. A momentous date for Naoise and an outstanding achievement.

Naoise is our own generations’ PJ Harvey. Her tones, deliverance and sincere passion that enraptures this artist is something else. The album resonates power, it’s dynamic, sinister yet illustrious.  The musical styles effortlessly range from hard grunge, to ambient electronica, lush indie rock and Jacque Brel-channeling burlesque. The diverse influences in her music have drawn comparisons to Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Amanda Palmer and these reflect and compliment her compositions. Produced by Elder Roche (Myles Manley) and Engineered by Liam Mulvaney (Girl Band, Buffalo Sunn) Lilith also features guest vocals from Sive and songwriter Joey Gavin.

Without a doubt the release is one of the strongest, confident debut’s we’ve come across and it’s undoubtably a record that will stand the test of  time. Naoise has all the potential and determination to become an iconic female artist, mimicking her influences- a household name. Support her efforts and watch the rewarding journey which lies in front of this singer, as this break-taking and flawless record receives the credibility it deserves.

Listen to the deep and vibrant sensual sounds of Lilith streaming in full below.

Lilith Tracklisting:

1. Uh Oh
2. Stand In Black
3. Almost Perfect
4. Whore
5. For You / Postcard
6. Oh Son
7. Sheets
8. Sing To You
9. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Little L Records once again gets it so right, there’s a reason they are one of the most valued labels around and introducing you to this artist is why- pick up the release now here- https://littlelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lilith





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