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May 8, 2015


For fans of: Swans, Liars, Lightning Bolt

“Absolutely Howling” – Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

Totem Terrors announce their second album, Hard Science, released 29th June 2015 via Diet Pops.

Totem Terrors are no strangers to us, we first saw this act perform at last years Jealous Lovers Club and Juxtaposed Microfestival in Cardiff on the Circuit Sweet stage. But let us introduce this act to you…

A sonic punch to the stomach, Hard Science is an accomplished minimalist post punk opus riffing on themes of alienation. To get a real taste of Totem Terrors’ sound, you can stream and download album track ‘Lies’ for free via the Totem Terrors SoundCloud page.

Album opener ‘Big E’ holds nothing back, kicking-off with a glorious smear of distortion and needle-sharp guitar, as Max Hicks’ (vocals, bass & drum programming) robotic chant is counterpointed by Rosie Smith’s (vocals, guitar and synth) Nico-esque responses. The album could easily soundtrack a factory scene from Lang’s Metropolis, with its masterful use of drone and repetition to create a surreal industrial rock soundscape. ‘Narrowman’ showcases the duo’s ability to write stripped back dance floor fillers, with agitprop lyrics and synthetic disco beats surrounded by the chaos of distortion, while tracks like ‘Chicken’ allow Totem Terrors to wear influences like Wire and Big Black on their sleeves, whilst making a sound that is distinctly their own.

Formerly two thirds of the spam-unfriendly Joy Of Sex, Max and Rosie write cool minimalist post-punk songs that are sleek and brainy, all drum machine, bass throb, and guitar as texture. They describe themselves as “…for fans of Wire, Prinzhorn Dance School and films where the hero dies face down in an icy puddle.” Their fantastically surreal album artwork was designed by none other than GHOSTSHRIMP of cult cartoon Adventure Time fame.

Hard Science was written, recorded and mixed by the duo themselves, and they have been known to fabricate their own pedals and instruments, very much staying true to the ideals of their post-punk influences. They’ve already picked up airplay from the likes of BBC 6 Music and Amazing Radio, and with a Summer tour in the works and a limited edition 7” vinyl set for release in the autumn, Totem Terrors ability to shape noise into immediate nuggets of post-punk genius is sure to make an impact on 2015.

Hard Science is released 29th June 2015 via Diet Pops.

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