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Gaffe of a Lifetime Releases New EP ‘The Errors: A Kingdom of Loss’

May 8, 2015


Alex Petion has spent a decade of his youth inhabiting the relic town of Waterbury, CT. Known as Brass City, its heyday ended alongside WWII. Haunting this long dead town, Petion is a living ghost. His spirited wail and rattling chains manifest as the music of Gaffe of a Lifetime. Sounds not designed to resurrect the long dead, but rather to be a small light searching through a wide expanse of loss. His melodies carry a hope for finding the positive; a hope for finding escape from his world of relics, all while floating in sombre atmospheres and a spacious calm. These are not the sounds of Brass City, 70 years since their last proud boom. This is the sound of a single ghost explorer, reverberating off of factory ruins.

The Errors: A Kingdom Of Loss Track Listing:

1. Plugged Forth, The Worst Has Yet To Come
2. Basement Chic
3. Unemployed Disemployed
4. 21st Century Collapse
5. …And This Is Where You Have Died

This outstanding release is streaming in full below and available as a free download via bandcamp.

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