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Norwegian producer and soundtrack composer of acclaimed documentary ‘DRONE’, Snasen, details new album Forsvinningen

April 16, 2015


Norwegian producer Snasen’s debut album, and his fourth release to date. Since his self-titled EP in 2011 and his 2013 break out EP ‘Failing Upwards’ – which went of to garner a slew of praise from publications like Pitchfork, XLR8R, Dummy and The Fader – Snasen has been busy in the studio recording working on multiple projects.

In addition to last year’s ‘Grok’ EP and the soundtrack to the critically acclaimed and award winning documentary ‘DRONE’, which has received coverage by The Guardian, Dazed and Confused and more, this prolific musician/producer spent much of his time hold up in his studio recording a plethora of new material, which would be short listed to make his 10-track full-length debut set for release on June 8th. Snasen announces details of his new record by streaming ‘Ink Blot’, which you can listen to streaming in full below.

Where last year’s ‘Grok’ EP was a EP he put together rather fast and where he “tried not to over think them and let intuition run it’s course”, ‘Forsvinningen’ was the opposite. ‘Forsvinningen’ was recorded and mixed over the duration of a year, during which time he took his chosen tracks to Norwegian producer Kenneth Ishak’s studio (Torkelsen, Heyerdahl, Beezewax) to add the finishing touches.

The tracks have Snasen’s sludgy signature sound with his finely chiselled rickety percussion and tactile textured synths, but with a wider and more open sound due to the mixing process. And the influences from hip hop, techno and ambient shine through on the album, even though the genres feel like background scenery with Snasen’s unique sound in the front.

Read about ‘DRONE’ here:


One main contributing factor to the long process of the album is the circumstances behind it, which Snasen describes in his run through of the albums tracks:
The first three tracks are about self-doubt and the fear of a new life that you don’t feel ready for. Then on track four (The message / Ride Home) I tried to describe what happened when we visited the hospital and got hit by the message that my daughter had no heartbeat. The song works as a chaotic dialogue between my wife and I. We were taking turns crying and screaming and tried to make sense of everything and how to deal with the upcoming birth. On the ride home the taxi driver uttered the absurd words not far from the Evel Knievel sample in the track. The rest of the record deals with the ups and mostly downs of this period. I learned that sorrow is very physical (as well as mental) and it comes in waves to help us cope and I think the record captures this feeling of confusion and physical strain.

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