LA psyche-pop trio White Arrows announce single ‘We Can’t Ever Die’ – Album released April 27th‏

April 19, 2015


White Arrows
Watch video for new single ‘We Can’t Ever Die’
New album In Bardo released April 27th via Votiv

LA futurists White Arrows have announced the UK release of their new single ‘We Can’t Ever Die’, out April 27th via Votiv, along with new album In Bardo. A majestically fluorescent synth-led smash, ‘We Can’t Ever Die’ drags disco into a strange new dimension. Watch the video now on YouTube.

In Bardo, White Arrows’ second album, is the sound of a band reaching a reflective state of liberation following years of touring, sharing stages alongside the likes of Weezer, !!!, Santigold and more.

As frontman Mickey Church says: “Out of the super-liminal state of consciously making music and dealing with the ups and downs along the way came this philosophy for making In Bardo: ‘fuck it’. I figured that I can go to places that are dark and heavy and not feel vulnerable or weird about exploring that side of myself. And I decided if nothing else happened beyond this album it wouldn’t matter. Because no-one really cares about anything. I just wanted to make a stand-alone record to be proud of. And that realisation was completely liberating.”

The band’s sound takes in futurist funk, psychedelic rock and 80-flecked synth pop, or as Mickey simply describes it: “psychedelic pop – a phrase that covers all the odd sub-genres that we explore.”

In Bardo recalls the best of late 70s/early 80s music when pop embraced technology and contorted it into new forms. Only this time around it is music being made by kids of the information and digital age. Here anything goes.

In Bardo by White Arrows is released 27th April 2015 via Votiv. |

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