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Introducing When All We Love Is Lost- New England Indie Rock band Debuts New Music Video‏

April 19, 2015


When All We Love is Lost is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Dan Colasanto.

Though he originally began the project as a way to showcase his math pop sensibilities, WAWLIL became an outlet for him as he traversed through the trials of his early 20’s. By adding driving punk rhythm’s and tactful melodies, Dan Colasanto’s dynamic interpretation of emo revival styled math rock is refreshing to say the least. In the short time since the project’s inception, Dan has released 2 EP’s, an acoustic split, numerous acoustic sessions, videos, and a handful of tours and is releasing a new full length entitled “Merely A Formality” via California indie label Ronald Records June 2nd.

The official music video for “I’ll Take Water Sports for 300, Alex” by When All We Love Is Lost was revealed a few days ago, you can watch this stunning video below, you will soon be hooked.

Dan formed the basis of the album meticulously writing over a 2 year period in his old bedroom and basement in Cape Cod. The album’s lyrical content focuses on the idea that people are constantly growing and things that used to seem important were merely a formality to get you to where you are now. Teaming up with producers Chris LaRocque and Steve Aliperta of Kennedy Studios in Burlington, MA, he was able to fully flesh out each song organically and cohesively. Keeping true to a collaborative recording effort, the album features guest vocal spots from fellow Massachusetts contemporaries Sports, Handwriting, and California’s Tommy Boys.

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