Final five artists join Converge, Sunn O))), Earth, Pig Destroyer, Triptykon, Pallbearer and many more at Temples Festival, May 29th-31st‏

April 2, 2015


MAY 29TH-31ST 
  With just under two months to go, Temples Festival wraps up the preparations for its three days of diverse and heavy happenings that should be in everyone’s diaries by now. Joining the already announced stronghold of artists are Ghold, Weak, Oblivionized, Venom Prison and Meth Drinker, making the completed 2015 lineup look like this –
Converge, Pig Destroyer, Bongzilla, Nails, Will Haven, Trap Them, Young And In The Way, Martrydod, Harm’s Way,
Today Is The Day, Magrudergrind, Leng T’Che, Weedeater, Slabdragger, Throats, TEEF, Enabler, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Oblivionized, Meth Drinker, Weak, Sea Bastard, Monolithian
Sunn O))), Triptykon, Skitsystem, Pig Destroyer (second set), Goatsnake, Torche, Portal, Bölzer, Obliterations, Grieved, Sonance, Celeste, Caïna, Mantar, Grave Miasma, Impetuous Ritual, Svalbard, Halshug, Olanza, Grand Collapse
Earth, Between The Buried And Me, Voivod, Pallbearer, Year Of No Light, KEN mode, Krokodil, Goatwhore, Vallenfyre, Monarch!, Ghold, Ohhms, Anta, Swan Song, Venom Prison, Tribulation, The King Is Blind
  As well as importing the finest in metal and extreme music from overseas, 2015’s lineup serves as a potent signifier and unifier of the UK’s tremendous underground, representing a whole host of complementing scenes, sounds and locations. From the crushing sludge grit provided by Cornish duo Monolithian, to Leeds’ maniac hypergrind favourites The Afternoon Gentlemen and the overlords of old school death metal Vallenfyre, by way of the angular volume-clad crunch of London’s Ghold and the shadowy post-black metal of Caïna, via the earnest and bruising metallic hardcore of Wales’ Venom Prison and Swan Song and the rabid fury of Brighton’s fastest punx TEEF – you can rest assured you’re being treated to nothing but the very best these isles are capable of producing.
  Stage times will be released over the coming weeks, and they will reflect the fact that the festival will be allowing certain bands longer sets than they would usually have, using free time to ensure minimal like-for-like clashes are occurring and ultimately guaranteeing each band receives a set that fairly represents what they want to present at Temples Festival. In the meantime, do familiarise yourself with the bands performing and prepare adequately for whats in store this year, including the preshow featuring …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead + Bossk on May 28th at Motion (tickets are on sale now priced £10).
  Following on from last year, it is confirmed there will be vegan/vegetarian dietary options available alongside a range of carnivore treats, tea and coffee stalls, an outdoor bar stocked with craft ale and a generally better suited selection of alcohol than was available for Patrons in 2014.
It’s almost time……
A few Sunday festival tickets (the only remaining) are available from;

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