XXXY announces ‘LAST DANCE’ EP out March 16th on Rinse

March 3, 2015

ImageProxyXXXY announces ‘LAST DANCE’ EP out March 16th on Rinse

The next release on Rinse is the second in a series of three EPs of gorgeous, punch-drunk house music from label regular Rupert Taylor, aka Xxxy. The follow-up to last year’s acclaimed 18 Hours, it’s a further spiral inwards for the tripped-out, wistful style he’s increasingly come to make distinctly his own, with clouds of arpeggiated synth notes and vapourised voice rolling atop pillow-soft, droning bass.

At first appearance ‘Last Dance’ is pure blissed-out immersion, washing across the dancefloor in whirls of glossy melody and disembodied vocals. Yet listen closer – or at peak time – and it’s deceptively tough, building to a mesmerising blur of colour amid body-shuddering kickdrums. In contrast, ‘Lately’ is one of the brightest and most upfront Xxxy tracks to date, with its major key melody, synthetic chord stabs and spiralling momentum channeling both the spirit of electro pop and the futurist impulses of early Detroit techno – a heady cocktail. EP closer ‘Close The Door Behind You’ occupies a perfect middle point between the two; an eerie, noise-scratched slow-build leads to a sudden explosion of energy, with a barrage of bass swoops and hi-hats abruptly sweeping the dancefloor upward as it goes.

Listen to ‘Lately’ here:


Last Dance


Close The Door Behind You

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