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Wicket – ‘A Way To Leave Their World Behind’ Album Review

March 8, 2015


Talented Cardiff based trio Wicket have just surprised us with an incredible debut album release, creating such a large sounding orchestration on all levels, with such deep and textured tracks you are led to believe this release has been created with a band double it’s size, but that’s where Wicket stand out from others in the same genre. Wicket comprise of Raurie Allen, Michael Nash and Danny Jaques– just remember there is only 3 members to this united act and yet they effortlessly delve into monumental post rock interludes and soaring soundscapes.

This instrumental unsigned act is a must hear for anyone who loves Explosions in the Sky, This Will Destroy You, Giants and Sigur Rós.

A Way To Leave Their World Behind Track List

1. We Were Sinking
2. Derwentwater
3. Get In, Ms Riley
4. Light Up Berlin
5. Lead Them To Water
6. Chant In Lonely Peace
7. The Scientific Method

Find the album streaming in it’s entirety below-

A Way To Leave Their World Behind is a breathe of fresh air and illustrates what this band have to offer. This 7 track debut is a story, an atmospheric progressive journey which you must hear from start to finish. Each orchestration is more stunning than the last and accumulates into a triumphant masterpiece. The perfect mix of powerful elongated riffs and the right amount of compelling beats, Wicket’s distinctive guitar technique leaves a lasting taste for more.

Wicket are carrying their name respectfully in a genre that has a flurry of acts pass. This solid release is a sustainable effort to their achievements. A Way To Leave Their World Behind is startling, emotional and altogether captivating. A record which is proving their notability and earning their debut to be a much needed record for any fan.

The trio have such deep drive and clear passion which entwines into their creativity so well, it takes an impressive range for an instrumental band to truly captivate and impress listeners but that’s exactly what they’ve done.

The album was released Saturday 7th March and you can get your copy now-

Bandcamp: http://tinyurl.com/oq95wmx
iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/k93u3ba


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