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T O Y O U M O M Unveil New Song ‘Charming Karma’

March 2, 2015

b5e96bbe-c33e-4622-88c7-f89820fb474aT O   Y O U   M O M  Unveil New Song:

“Charming Karma”

Taken from the new album ‘We Are Lions’
out March 16th on Ghost Records

“To You Mom: specialize in the type of reflective sound that imagines the mirrored
conversations between the ocean and sky”

“stiched out of secret passages and lost traditions” – YOURS TRULY

Hypnotic and moody, To You Mom’s darkwave-inflected synthpop is built around gorgeous melodic inflections and ethereal soundscapes. ‘Charming Karma’ continues that exploration into the caverns of the unknown, following the same odes to loss, longing and heartbreak that defined ‘On A Friday’.

The 10 songs on their debut album, ‘We Are Lions’ are the most complete reflection of this aesthetic to date: coming across like a less sonically-extreme Cocteau Twins, but with the same odes to loss, longing and heartbreak, dressed up in crystalline melodies. Buoyed by the rolling, cascading drums of Santoni’s production and the gleaming edges of Lorenzi’s unhurried vocals, ‘We Are Lions’ finds To You Mom: making small, sharp adjustments to its craft – tighter songwriting, more diffuse atmospherics and a fuller survey of their assured explorations of exquisite, warped, minor-key aesthetic.

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