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March 10, 2015



Ungdomskulen’s singer/guitarist announces second album Entitled Labor of Love – due April 27th

Shares new track online ‘Miss Big Cheese’


Having remixed the likes of Röyksopp & RobynSampha and Sondre LercheStockhaus (aka Kristian Stockhaus – singer-guitarist of Ungdomskulen) will release his second album Labor Of Love on April 27th via KRÜX.

‘Miss Big Cheese’ is about an Average Joe who falls in love with a businesswoman. Big feelings make for a big track and thick pumping synths, 4/4s and playful production set the mood for this unorthodox love story.
Born & based in Bergen, Norway, Stockhaus spent his pre-teen years in Sweden. His favourite activities were playing football, listening to music and raving at the local school dances. The school dances (often located in the school’s basement) were organized (and guarded) by voluntary parents (fingers crossed it wasn’t yours) and held once a month.

DJ teams consisting of older kids specializing in the mid school-disco market would come and spin records, bringing along their own record players, smoke machines, disco lights and respectable subwoofers. An average set would consist of contemporary classics of the time by Nirvana, Bryan Adams (his ballads) as well as dance music popular in that era like 2 Unlimited, Whigfield and KLF. But the ambitious DJs would also play imported 12” from the UK, introducing the kids to the underground with sounds of house, drum and bass, breakbeat and techno. The kids never knew what hit them.

Flash-forward to 2014, whilst Stockhaus was recording his new album he drew inspiration from this period of his life – how he looked up to the older DJ kids, the danger in the music they played and the fact that he now himself was a DJ. A full circle, of sorts.

Stockhaus’ new record Labor of Love is forward-looking but inspired by the sounds, attitude and adventures from the 90´s and that particular period of his life.

Tracklisting1. Suckers Moving Up, 2. Thinking About That Love, 3. Head Of The King On The Body Of The Jester, 4. Stars, 5. LL2S, 6. Phone Booth (Starring Mia Jones), 7. Face II Face, 8. Miss Big Cheese, 9. LOOK, 10. Miss Big Air

STOCKHAUS Labor Of Love LP art

Album artwork

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