RAINER announce debut album & stream first single! ‘Water’ due May 18th via Kissability/ Algebra.‏

March 18, 2015




“It’s almost as if The Knife made a glorious R&B record.” – Drowned In Sound

“Post-garage pop and US production bigness…mixed with a Scandinavian quirk-pop sensibility.” – The Guardian

“A pairing that is just one of those wondrous matches” – Disco Naivete 

“An unsettling combination of seductive and aloof.” – The Fly

“So blissful you might just slip and fall for Rainer, hard” – Dummy

London duo Rainer return to announce news of their debut album & stream first single ‘Nocturn’. The band’s forthcoming LP ‘Water’ is set for release on May 18th via Kissability / Algebra.

Springing from the bones of an instrumental originally written for Drake’s second album, ‘Nocturn’ delivers a chilling blow of dark sentiment and warped synth melodies that pulses in headphones and drags you to the dance floor.

Rainer is made up of Rebekah Raa and Nic Nell (aka London-based producer Casually Here). The duo formed in 2012 after meeting through mutual friends and shared late nights. Their friendship & musical kinship developed over a love of dark sounds and striking production.

Following the release of their debut EP Hope/Satin/Glass/Dreams at the end of 2013, which garnered an array of attention, the band took a year out to work on their debut record. They locked themselves away in a studio in Elephant & Castle and created ten brand new tracks that broaden their twisted electronic framework & progress their experimental pop sensibilities.

Laden with an array lush production and instrumentation, Rainer’s forthcoming debut ‘Water’ is an album full of incredibly personal sentiment. Rebekah explains: “I write about love mainly, and the bizarre mixture of emotions that inevitably comes with falling in, being in or falling out of love.  Writing is like a therapy through which I realise why I feel the way I do. Some of the songs have an uplifting message in them which is usually the point of realisation that I got to through writing.”

We both love big pop records as well as records you can just get lost in,” adds Nic. So for the album we wanted to make something big but also intimate that takes you on a bit of a journey through its own world.

But it’s in the record’s title-track, ‘Water’ that the real heart of the record shines through. Celebrating a balance between sadness & beauty, Rebekah sings ‘Another year I barely remember’, noting how time slips away without us often really noticing.

“The imagery is really strong” she explains. “The idea of Water passing like time and being able to see through it and yet it being a physical thing. Being colourless yet full of colours that you see through. Water making everything and being a whole that you can split, but never into its individual parts”

With artwork by Claire Falkenberg from the “Lover Series“, Rainer present a seductive blend of R&B notes, off-kilter synth sounds and engagingly open lyrics throughout ‘Water’, marking an incredibly exciting debut for this emerging London duo.

Live dates to be announced soon.

Water’ tracklist:

  1. Water
  2. Nocturn
  3. Dear
  4. Trouble
  5. Melt
  6. Skin
  7. Leave
  8. Laws
  9. Marry
  10. Raven

Water’ album artwork:

Rainer Website
Rainer Facebook
Rainer Twitter
Rainer Soundcloud

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