Quiet Quiet Band share new free download: ‘Bunks’

March 2, 2015


Quiet Quiet Band share new free download: ‘Bunks’

“Unrelenting raucous vigour and exceptional dynamism… unlike anything you’ve heard before” GigSlutz Track of the Week

“A turbulent string-driven barrage of gut-punching percussion and ominous overtones… undoubtedly a gift from the cosmos” Speak Into My Good Eye

Riotous alt-folk sextet QUIET QUIET BAND have released their barnstorming new single ‘Bunks’. An unholy yarn of the perils of a life on the ocean wave, ‘Bunks’ follows the acclaimed ‘Battery Human’ as the second taster from the band’s debut album ‘Low Noon’, which will be released on March 9.

About ‘Bunks’

Nightmarish post-punk sea shanty ‘Bunks’ tells the story of a group of hapless oarsmen whose longed-for desert-island paradise turns out to be more akin to the very gates of hell. Brought vividly to life by a breathless first-person narrative backed by five-part harmonies and the occasional scream, ‘Bunks’ is carried on surges of acoustic strumming, a steady wave of disorienting fiddle and a tsunami of tumbling percussion, conjuring a cinematic, horror-movie feel with no visuals required. Just remember, folks:  “Man was never meant to look behind the veil”.

About Quiet Quiet Band

Telling tales of love, death and terrible other-worldly beings, Quiet Quiet Band are the rotting fruits in nu-folk’s verdant pastures. Extrovert practitioners of hillbilly hoedowns, sociopathic shanties and warped waltzes, QQB’s macabre alternative ditties are further animated by a vociferous lyrical delivery, drawing comparisons with such rootsy luminaries as Violent Femmes, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash. “Our songs often evoke fictional characters who are reflecting on their own flaws, regrets, losses and mistakes,” says lead vocalist Tom Purcell, “even if they happen to be lunatics with bags of poisoned sweets!” Also comprising Paul Smith (guitar/vocals), Jay Newton (guitar), Scott Painter (bass), Jon Hare-Winton (drums) and Devon Gillespie (viola), QQB are renowned for their blistering live sets, the ferocity of which has now been captured in the studio, ready to be released on an unsuspecting public. Brace yourselves…

See Quiet Quiet Band live:

Friday 13 March: Sebright Arms (official album launch), London E2

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