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New Song from Isaac (Don’t Ask Records/Golden Triangle Launched)‏

March 5, 2015



Didn’t have a date for St Valentines Day the other weekend?  Don’t fret!! Isaac are here to hold your hand and “smash your teeth out” by teaming up with to stream their aptly titled track ‘Sweetheart’ from their upcoming album entitled ‘Burner’.

The stream (which you can hear here) coincides with the digital LP version preorder launch.  To preorder the digital LP go here now!

Isaac shall be releasing their upcoming LP digitally through their own label (Golden Triangle Records) on 9 March 2015.  The LP shall then be released on vinyl in May 2015 via upcoming Cheltenham based label Don’t Ask Records.

The release of the digital version of the album comes just before their appearance at the Isaac curated “Clear Your Throat Fest 2” in Nottingham on 15 March 2015 (featuring Bear Trade, WoahNows, Caves and many more –tickets available here).

Sweetheart” is the first glimpse of the upcoming LP, with a video and further streams to follow.


Isaac, from Nottingham, UK, were formed in 2012 after the then three friends – Andrew Shankland (Bass/guitar), Daniel England (drums) and Dave “not as cool as Kenny” Deighton (guitar) – watched/got inspired by Ted Leo. On the train journey home a band was formed!

Isaac have since released an EP, done a ton of gigs, made a load of new mates and have had a blast.  In 2015 Isaac are set to release their debut full length LP entitled “Burner” in March via Golden Triangle/Don’t Ask Records.

The band features established acoustic punk Shankland.  In fact, Isaac’s the debut EP (I AIN’T NO FUCKING MORRISSETT) was essentially mixed full band versions of Shankland’s solo material.  The LP however (now that Isaac are a few years into the band) have written an entirely original full length comprising of songs about late night buses, sads, being in bands and having shit jobs.

The album is a belter!

Track listing:

1). The Burden of your bones

2). Locks without Keys

3). Sweetheart

4). Weeder

5). Turtleshell Sunglasses

6). Coast to Coast

7). April 29th

8). Slab Square

9). Chirpse

10). Ghosts

11). Shudder

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