New Music Industry Podcast Launches: Band Aides ‘Waxing Lyrical About The Business Of Bands’

March 8, 2015


New Music Industry Podcast Launches

Band Aides ‘Waxing Lyrical On The Business Of Bands’

Band Aides is a new podcast with a focus on the independent music industry, created and hosted by Leander Gloversmith, a band manager at Los Angeles artist management company KMGMT; and produced by his wife Lauren Reading, publicist and artist manager at UK based Inception Press. Band Aides is an exploration of the music industry, and the cogs that make it turn.
Over the course of Volume 1, a 12 episode run, Band Aides will feature exclusive interviews with bands, managers, record label reps, booking agents, live promoters, publicists, journalists and many more.“Our focus is on bands, the business, and the business of bands,” says host Leander Gloversmith. “Our aim is to delve behind the curtain of an industry that can often seem all too opaque, even for those that work and play within it.”
In the launch episode, entitled ‘Pathways’, Leander speaks with a cross-section of music industry professionals including:
Anna Bewers of The Agency Group, Terry Bezer of TeamRock Radio & Scuzz TV, Ryan Bird of Rock Sound Magazine, Ray Harkins of & No Sleep Records, Evange Livanos of Synergy Artist Management, Oliver Mitchell of Bedlam Music Managment & Dine Alone Records, Mike Mowery of Outerloop Management, Emma Van-Duyts of Public City PR and Mark Walker of Kilimanjaro Live – – and delves into the various journeys that have led them to a career in music.
The episode also tackles the notorious saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, to get insight into the truth behind the trope.
Releasing on Wednesday 18th March, in line with their fortnightly schedule, Episode 2 will see the team speaking to bands themselves. Members of Architects, Stray From The Path and Funeral For A Friend will be interviewed with the purpose of gaining insight into the realities of being in a band.
Whether you work in the business or you aspire to do so; whether you’re in a band trying to find the right team or just figure out how it all works; or whether you’re just plain interested in what on goes on ‘behind the scenes’, Band Aides is the right podcast for you.
Episode One: Pathways is out now. Episode Two is released 18/03/15.
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