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February 15, 2015

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Wicket Debut Album “A Way To Leave Their World Behind” – Instrumental Post-rock Ambient 

“The formative, pummeling rumbles of a new Welsh band who know that all the greatest sounds come from the heart. Wicket flow. They’ll bear you along in their eddies of sound and sweep you to vistas new, if you’re prepared to jump in.” Adam Walton BBC Radio Wales

Wicket hit the road this May with their dynamic live show following the release of their debut album: “A Way To Leave Their World Behind”. Following a year of critically successful performances, including a breakthrough appearance at ArcTanGent festival, the band will continue to bring their music to devoted fans and new audiences throughout the UK.


Alternating between monumental sonic frenzies and peaceful interludes that evoke This Will Destroy You and Mogwai, Wicket push all the post-rock buttons whilst throwing in a slice of something fresh, new and exciting.

Wicket are Raurie Allen 6’0″, Michael Nash 6’0″, and Danny Jaques “Shorter”.



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