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TROYKA ‘Ornithophobia’ Album Review | Gavin Brown

February 17, 2015




Ornithophobia is the latest album from experimental and progressive electronic/jazz trio Troyka

Opener Arcades starts off with a laid back shuffling mixture of drums and keyboards that mutates into a free jazz feel and back again and as the song progresses adds some brilliant guitar riffs into the equation and goes on to combine uptempo riffs to the conclusion and one that gets the album off to a flying start.

Starting with a Flying Lotus type feel, Life Is Transient is one of the albums highlights with stuttering beats and mind bending keyboards that still feel catchy. More exciting keyboard work towards the end of the song ends it in a dreamlike manner.

Title track Ornithophobia has a repetitive quality that drives the track and is only broken up in the middle to allow a menacing Hammond organ to come through.

Magpies starts off with a catchy beat and the use of the Hammond organ works well again in the middle takes this to another level.

The next two tracks continue the dreamlike nature of the album, Thopter and Bambaugh are both songs that you can disappear into and meld nicely into album highlight The General which matches a lurching beat that seems like it is going to explode but changes into a chilled march of drums and keyboards and the guitar really comes into it later with more riffs reminiscent of classic 70s rock.

The album ends with the frenetic Troyka Smash which wouldn’t sound out of place on an Aphex Twin or Squarepusher album and the sprawling Seahouses which is simple but sounds epic with intricate guitar playing dominating the song before minimal drums and piano interject with electronic beats and is the perfect album closer.

Ornithophobia is a fantastic album and this set of songs would be perfect to listen at night especially in summer as the sun starts to set.

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Words: Gavin Brown

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