Teddybears Reveal New Single Ft Baby Trish (Live at Swedish Grammys) ‘What’s Your Problem?‏’

February 25, 2015


New Single Impact Date 20th February 2015

via Stranded Records / Polydor Sweden

Teddybears are a talented bunch of Swedes, who have musically accomplished a fair bit all over the globe, both as a band and as individuals. Having always strived for something new and over the edge, they were amongst the very first pioneers to have started crossing sounds of hip hop, pop, rock, dancehall and electro together into a whole new style of music. Their ahead-of-their time way of thinking has earned them two U.S. Grammy Nominations and nine Swedish Grammy Awards, out of which six were for Teddybears as a band.

Collectively, having worked with the likes of Cee-Lo, Iggy Pop, Flaming Lips, Robyn, Wiley, Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk to name a few, the Swedish trio are respected and appreciated all around the world.

Teddybears, consisting of Jocke Åhlund, Klas Åhlund and Patrik Arve, are now ready to release something new, fresh and with a powerful message behind it. The upcoming single What’s Your Problem? is not just a fast-paced, catchy, cool and oomphy song which will make you move your feet one way or the other. Not only does it sound like the original version and remix morphed skillfully into one (press play and you’ll understand what I mean), but it also speaks about segregation, prejudice and inequality which are present in our every day lives. The song strongly stands for the human rights, civil rights, women’s rights and speaks against any discrimination which is still on the fore-front of our world’s structure.

Baby Trish, who features on What’s Your Problem, is a twelve year old girl from Jamaica. Teddybears met her when she was only nine, while working in a studio in Kingston with her godfather Beenie Man, alongside Ninjaman, Natali Storm and other local artists. Having built quite the reputation as a performer in and around the capital, Baby Trish joined Teddybears to record their single.

For a variety of reasons it was almost impossible to get Baby Trish to Sweden to collaborate with the band on a video and other projects. This is meant to be her first time ever outside of her country. However, due to a number of obstacles such as no Swedish Embassy in Jamaica and her having to be transported to Cuba to get papers in order, plus not having internet or even a phone, makes it still a mystery on whether Teddybears will be able to finish what they’ve begun with the young performer. For now what they’ve got to show for is the upcoming new single.

Straight from the beginning of What’s Your Problem?, the tension and release in the arrangement pulses throughout the track and never quite lets go.  Instantly grabbing the attention of the listener, guest-feature Baby Trish means every word she says and Teddybears yet again push music to its limits. Ground-breaking, daring and filled with memorable hooks, What’s Your Problem? will be released via Stranded Records / Polydor Sweden, and will be available for sale and download 20th February 2015.

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