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February 8, 2015


“…a stomping authentically-rendered adolescent fantasia of fun…”  Q ****

“From Roma, neo-bovver rockers get stomping.  Recalling the stack-heeled sounds of Slade, The Sweet and The Faces plus the “junk shop glam”, Romans Giuda do their bit for similarly no pretention, high energy rocking”   Mojo

“Bright, brilliant and clearly actually rather big of heart, Giuda are beyond a joke, in the best possible way.”  The Guardian

“Italian quintet Giuda are the greatest ‘70s glam-rock band to have existed since… the 1970s.”   NME 8/10

“Guida perfectly channel a stomping pre-punk past complete with hand claps, terrace-boy chants and pop chops to match…”  Vice 10/10

“Guida encompass the glam gamut – referencing perfectly rendered period elements, from quirky synth lines to camp vocal asides.”   Vive Le Rock 10/10

“This is the perfect sound for life on the terraces, in the discos, at a gig, at the pub and in the streets, always with Giuda blasting in your ears”  Rolling Stone

“When I heard Racey Roller I was pissing my pants laughing, because it’s so brilliant, so exhilarating and fun  Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott (Classic Rock Magazine)

“They’ve ram-raided the vaults of 70′s glam, punk and rock ‘n’ roll to make a foot-stomping, fist pumping riot of sound that has the scenesters, the punks and rockers and young and old in attendance going nuts!  Giuda are the best band we’ve seen in years!”  Vive Le Rock

Swedish visionary label Burning Heart recently relaunched by founder Peter Ahlqvist, have signed Giuda, the Italian band that Vice Magazine labelled as “a gang of Italian glitter-rock revivalist recording 2013′s finest new album”.  Their third album is expected autumn 2015.

For 20 years, Burning Heart Records, a genre defining Punk(rock) and Metal/Hard (core) label, spawning acclaimed such as The Hives, Refused, Turbonegro, Parkway Drive and Millencolin, was recently reborn  from its ashes by Ahlqvist, who got back the name and trademark of his creature in late 2014.

Peter Ahlqvist says:
“Stoked to be back and now being able to present and work such a great band as the first new act signed . I immediately fell in love with the peculiar chemistry of energy and innovation in Giuda’s music, straight rock’n’roll with hints of Brit glam rock and punk influences rooted back in the Seventies: a foot-stomping, fist-pumping riot of sound, convincing and real fun”. 

Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) are an Italian five-piece band from Rome.  They play the most exciting kind of retro-sounding pub rock and junk shop glam and they have the look of true working class heroes (boots, polos, chequered shirts, leather jackets and short or shaved hair).  They’ve released two albums, Racey Roller(2010) and Let’s Do It Again(2013), and have played over 100 gigs in the latest 18 months in Europe, UK and the US.

Listen to a selection of songs from Giuda’s first 2 recordsHERE
Website :
Twitter: @giuda
YouTube: TheGiudaBand

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