MILHÕES DE FESTA’15: Grumbling Fur, Golden Teacher & more added to the line-up‏

February 27, 2015



Milhões de Festa will take place in Barcelos from the 23rd to the 26th of July. Grumbling Fur, Golden Teacher, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, Dreamweapon, and TREE join The Bug, All We Are in the line-up.

For every week that goes by, Milhões is getting in shape and more and more ready to the summer to come. Having confirmed electronic and dancehall giant The Bug (feat. Flowdan & Manga), Domino’s new groove-pop delight All We Are, and krautrockers The Cosmic Dead, the festival are now adding five more acts to the line-up.

Multi-instrumentalists geniuses Alexander Tucker and Daniel O’Sullivan will bring their A-game as songwriters with Grumbling Fur, as Golden Teacher heavy-rhythm dance music, and traditional Tailand’s molam outfit The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band will bring a taste of Africa and Asia to Barcelos. From the planet of rock, Milhões will hold performances from Israel’s blues band TREE and space-oriented Dreamweapon, which will be presenting their soon to be released debut LP.


There’s more to Grumbling Fur than what one might think. Not only are Daniel O’Sullivan (Ulver, Sunn O))), ex-Guapo) and Alexander Tucker (imbogodom) two multi-instrumentalist wonders to behold, they’re also critically acclaimed songwriters. Grumbling Fur is a song-oriented outfit that challenges any genre-wise limitation with some of the most delicate yet intricate melodies one can listen to. This is a fact and it comes without surprises. But the lack of surprises is no something you could hold on to when it comes to a performance from these two.



Golden Teacher is all about one word: dancing. Heavy rhythms from African percussions, electronic outbursts and melodic crossovers all result in an electronic leg-virus that makes you wanna dance your socks off. Worry not if moving your lead-made feet, ‘cause these guys may have some ninja teaching skills up on their sleeves. We expect a master class on moving those bums!



We have no idea how to translate “molam”, but we know what it is, and we’re pretty sure it stands for “party” in Thai. The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band takes on the traditional sound of Thailand, making it less regional, more worldly, and, most of all, contagious. Their music knows no boarders, so it makes no sense to even consider them. From Bangkok to Barcelos in just one concert!



If there’s any kind of misunderstanding about dreamweapon, the name will lead you to their influences and to how they express themselves: from Spacemen 3 to all the uncharted and lysergic cosmos around, the Porto-based band reaches out of planet earth with infinite guitar layers over low-pitch rock riffs. Their debut LP will be released in March via Lovers & Lollypops and we just want to say it will be food for thought. Pun intended.



Separating a tree from its roots is murder (or a murder-ish act), and some people get away with it — but separating Israeli band TREE from rock’s deep roots in blues music is probably considered a criminal act in pretty much everywhere in the world. Blues has been around for long enough to belong to nowhere special by now, but TREE step up a notch and makes it something special, which belongs only to them. That’s how it should’ve been, always. As pure as under Mississippi’s sun, as actual as ever.


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