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Leg. – ‘Narwhal’ EP Review | Sean McMahon

February 5, 2015


Leg. look like a lovely bunch, and that’s reflected in their sound.

There’s something distinctly wintery about their new  Narwhal E.P which matches perfectly with the arctic name and artwork. The first track ‘Home’ has their math-rock influence written all over it, with intricate picky guitars and a snappy breakdown. Lyrically this is undoubtedly a dramatic album. The cold imagery in lyrics like “frozen in your company, I don’t want to lose this war” in the chorus of ‘Home’ paired with some lovely wailing harmonies are reminiscent of a sea-shanty, which is no bad thing in my book. ‘Glossolalia’ isn’t my favourite track, it almost descends into chill-out album territory, with a slightly cheesy washed out synth under laying the track but thankfully the impressive vocals cut through it and along with a distinctively confident bassline, make something really pleasant. ‘Narwhal’ is probably the stand-out track, which was obviously recognised by the band too. It’s less indulgent than the others and is a real uplifting and catchy note, I’ll definitely be listening to this again. This record has been crafted by some very accomplished musicians who have a knack eye for storytelling in their songs.

It’s technically brilliant and commands attention. Worth checking out for the note perfect harmonies and powerful lead vocals alone.
Narwhal Tracklisting

1. Home
2. Glossolalia
3. Narwhal
4. Shadows

Find the EP streaming in full here-

Leg. Consist of Ash Trafford on Vox/Piano/Synth, Ben Shuffler on Bass, Ben Harris on Guitar and Tom Vincer on Drums. This experiemental Bristol based outfit are onto big things.

We urge you to support the act and the release which is out now, download a copy of the record via Leg,’s bandcamp here- http://leglegleg.bandcamp.com/releases


Words: Sean McMahon

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