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February 13, 2015


Released on Scottish based cassette label Fuzz Kill records, ‘Capilla Ardiente’ is the debut album from Madrid based garage rockers Las Infantas. Pairing classic three-chord garage punk with moogy synthesisers across 10 stomping tracks, the easiest comparison to make here would be to Lost Sounds, but there are little of the dakwave tones Jay Retard and co so prolifically churned out over the years. Rather Las Infantas gear more towards the classic rock n’ roll sound of 80s garage. This album is all B-movies and doing the mostermash down at the graveyard.

It’s a genre from which it is often hard to stand out, but Las Infantas do so through their clever use of keys. Often used as an interesting replacement for the classic ripping garage solo or to provide some catchier pop textures to the backdrop of guitars and fuzz.

On ‘Capilla Ariente’s’ early tracks Vocalist Angel H. Tuset, wails over the repetitive thrashing, hitting a vocal register and harmonising with guitarist Marco Torremocha in a way that reminds me of The Wipers Greg Sage.
On ‘40 ojos’ we reach peak physchobilly. The track is drenched in the sounds of cult horror and haunted house organ, while on ‘Corte y Confeccion’ and ‘Espejismos Son’ the foursome tread closer to LA hardcore.
There are however different shades to ‘Capilla Ariente’. While the first half of this tape rests more on the lorals of physchobilly and old school rock n’ roll. The second half feels lighter, even summerier with the synths taking more of a lead roll. On tracks like ‘Hellicode’ and ‘Glasier’ it almost seems like Las Infantas have drafted in Matt Sharp and his moog collection to help them out. Track ‘Dobre Filo’ has an almost pop punk feel, with its call and response vocals and beat down chorus, perhaps if NFG or Get Up Kids were to cover the Germs in Spanish this would be the Frankenstein product. ‘Hellicode’ the albums closer may be a particular high point, its one of the cattier songs on the album that showcases a stronger sense of melody, with some lovely Modern Lovers style keys in the sing along chorus.

Las Infantas claim they are leaving behind their bright and shiny past, but I hope that’s not the case, for me its these lighter songs that hold my attention the most. They have their influences less on their sleeves and become a more individual product as a result.

In all, ‘Capilla Ardiente’ is a pretty enjoyable garage tape, whose second half I may well find myself coming back to once the sun comes out. It may hold little appeal to those outside of purists and existing fans of the genre, but if that’s not you so what.


Capilla Ardiente is out now via Fuzz Kill Records, grab your copy now- 

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