L T O Reveal New Track – “Trabajar”

February 25, 2015


NEW TRACK – “Trabajar”
Taken from the ‘No Pasa Nada’ EP
Forthcoming on Injazero Records

“Detached, forlorn beauty. The whole thing has that distinctly Autechre sheen – scrambling emotion set inside malfunctioning computer music. An EP that emotionally wrings the listener more than most albums.” 4/5, Resident Advisor (on LTO’s Realise EP)

A solo electronic producer based in Bristol, LTO first garners attention and praise in 2011 as part of the Old Apparatus collective with their abstract, experimental, bass-driven music, submerged in swirls and fragments of otherworldly static and interference. LTO is also part of Khing Kang King, with cult rapper Mowgli.

Now working on solo music as well as with the above collaborators, LTO’s second release under his own name is the rich, characteristically mysterious No Pasa Nada EP, a heady cloud of greyscale sound design, ghostly timbres and deep sonics. It is at once challenging and mesmerising, crafted in part from found sound and field recordings, treated and disguised beyond their origins. The result is a production neither fully organic nor mechanic, reminiscent of the fertile UK grime and dubstep scenes (delays, claps and 808 sounds are all present here) but with a nocturnal miasma and a fierce intellect. The influence of post-rock and modern classical music can also be heard throughout the record in its harmonic progressions, compositional structures and in its division between artist and output.

The No Pasa Nada name and track titles – common Spanish verbs – are informed by LTO’s backpacking travels through South America, as much a field recording excursion as a cultural tour.

No Pasa Nada EP is the first release on Injazero records – a Brighton-based imprint brought to you by DJ/producer Villette.


Praise for Old Apparatus and Khing Kang King:

“Awash with crackling, fuzzy low-end decayed beats, glowering bass, moody, masculine piano textures and percussion like a tour round a blacksmith’s forge.”
– 8/10 Drowned in Sound

“Dark and sumptuous. A perfect storm of tense and eerie electronics.”
– Dummy Mag

“Strange, dark and beguiling electronic music for a new age of societal ruin. Aged, occult and futuristic at the same time, Old Apparatus know exactly what they’re doing.”
– The Quietus

“An adventurous blend of hues grey and dark. Staggeringly rich.”

“Creakings and whirrings, musty steam clouds, subterranean groans and garage rhythms that sound more mechanical than digital, are all rendered in exquisite detail.”
– The Wire

“Old Apparatus make emotionally gripping music. Beautiful and beguiling.”
– 4/5 Resident Advisor

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