“It’s A Bomber” – Bomber Music Label Compilation – OUT NOW! (feat. The Skints, Jaya The Cat, Random Hand + More)‏

February 5, 2015


It’s A Bomber – Bomber Music Label Compilation – Out Now

Featuring, The Skints, Random Hand, Jaya The Cat, Great Cynics and many more, the UK’s finest punk rock and ska label, Bomber Music’s new compilation, “It’s A Bomber” is OUT NOW!

“It’s A Bomber” is out now on digital download and available through all good retailers and platforms.

Track Listing:
1. Jaya The Cat – Here Come The Drums
2. Random Hand – Anger Management
3. The Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy
4. Smokey Bastard – Wasteland
5. Versus You – When It All Goes Down
6. Sorry & The Sinatras – Valencia
7. Jesse James – Wake Up
8. Great Cynics – Back To Hackney
9. End Of Pipe – Jack
10. The Skints – Up Against The Wall
11. New Town Kings – Luna Rosa
12. The Smoking Hearts – Seatbelts
13. The Forum Walters – Rightswing
14. 7 Day Conspiracy – Berkshire Hunt

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Bomber Music is an independent music company based in the UK. Founded in 2002, as a hobby, when the first band – Vanilla Pod – signed. They are now the UK’s leading alternative music publisher, working closely with the best of the bands from the underground scenes.

In 2010, Bomber Music also set up their own label to help a few of their bands release and distribute their albums and give them some of the support they need.
Bomber Music have released albums by The Skints, Random Hand, Jaya The Cat and many other leading acts of the genre.
The “It’s A Bomber” compilation brings together some of the best tracks from the Bomber Music roster.

The Compilation is OUT NOW!

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