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Introducing SEA CHANGE- Single Release Special

February 13, 2015




(‘We Run’ is)…like a bittersweet daydream that ends too soon” – Wonderland Magazine
“With a voice as haunting as it is beautiful, Sea Change will capture your heart” –
 Hunger Magazine
Divinely spectral sounds” – Clash
“Cascading electronics & uplifting loops” – Drowned In Sound
Emotion recollected in devastating tranquility” – The Guardian
“Gripping” – Stereogum
Oozes ambient cool” – NME
Brooding & delicate” – The Line of Best Fit
Sea Change makes music that is at it’s core haunting, but also so beautiful” – Pigeons & Planes
Futuristic whirlwind of emotion” – DIY 
Beautifully understated” – Ja Ja Ja Music

Sea Change unveils another slice of her icy electronic sounds as she reveals new track ‘We Run’, taken from her upcoming album ‘Breakage’ out Feb 23rd. Sea Change is also set to play a headline London show at the Sebright Arms on Feb 27th.

Ellen A.W. Sundes (aka Sea Change) spoke about the thoughts behind the new track as she went on to say “‘We Run’ is about everything we are aiming for in our lives and how choking those things can be. And the freedom we would have if we were able to run away from all those hopes and expectations and just be”.  

Sea Change is the musical alias of Oslo-based Ellen A.W. Sundes whose previous singles ‘Bursting’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Bridges’ were released throughout 2014, drawing comparisons to the likes of Fever Ray, iamamiwhoami and Lykke Li and building a snowballing fan base. Her live performances have been a steady source of praise, playing festivals across Scandanavia and the rest of Europe including last year’s The Great Escape.

Layering collected sounds, punctuating beats, scattered vocal harmonies and kinetic choruses that hark back to her late 80s childhood, Sea Change captures an enchanting sense of magic and mystery.

Swooping from sparse moments of calm & fragility into intoxicating bass-fuelled turmoil, Breakage is a dynamic & captivating listen, documenting the sound of an exciting young musician stripping away her guards and finding a sense of freedom in her work.

“One thing I feel very strongly about is freedom and the need to let things go” Ellen explains. “I’ve spent so much time being too shy to show people my music or even actually write finished songs because of my own self-censorship. This whole Sea Change project is about letting go and just being comfortable in this space.”

It’s this palpable sense of seeking an escape from insecurities that led to the title of the record:“Breakage means the act of breaking or the state of being broken. Something must be broken to be able to go to a new place. For me, that’s a place where I can do what I need to do. I feel that with this album an old age is over and I’m ready for a new chapter.”

All of the tracks on ‘Breakage’ were recorded in Ellen’s bedroom in her hometown of Oslo, Norway and mixed by Endre Kirkesola.

It’s a stark & immersive personal journey into the world of Sea Change, striking a captivating balance between power & delicacy, landing distinct sound that hits deep & holds the listener’s attention throughout.

See Sea Change live: 

27th Feb – Sebright Arms, London, UK
12th Mar – Stengade, Copenhagen, DK
13th Mar – Huset, Aalborg, DK
14th Mar – Radar, Arhus, DK
17th Mar – Walthers Cafe, Skanderborg, DK
19th Mar – Kansas City, Odense, DK
20th Mar – Sønderborghus, Sønderborg, DK
21st Mar – Huset, Esbjerg, DK
27th Mar – Ingesteds, Oslo, NO
11th Apr – Motel Mozaique, Rotterdam, NL
30th April – Lido, Berlin, DE

‘Breakage’ track listing:

  1. Wooden House
  2.  Squares
  3.  Let’s Dance
  4.  Above
  5.  Fearless
  6.  Stairs
  7.  Knives
  8.  We Run
  9.  Raan

Breakage’ artwork: 


‘Squares‘ on Soundcloud
‘Above’ on Soundcloud
Bridges’ on Soundcloud
Let’s Dance’ on Soundcloud
Bursting’ on Soundcloud
Sea Change Facebook
Sea Change Official Site 

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