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Introducing RAKETKANON – Unique Steve Albini produced insanity

February 27, 2015

6dbb2926-50d5-4448-819c-cff2b295dcdf“Grinning lasciviously and desperately throwing shapes like particularly low-earning rent boys on the meat rack“.



“After seeing their first London gig and being pinned to the back of the wall by the sheer force and insanity of them playing live, I knew we had to sign them to our label” – Laura-Mary Carter (Blood Red Shoes)

They sound like the feeling you get when you think you’re gonna puke on public transport – Andy Capper – Editor of Vice Magazine

Raketkanon: it means Rocketcannon in Dutch.

Raketkanon aren’t Dutch though – they hail from Ghent, Belgium – but they do have a thrusting sound to match a moniker so utterly ROCK that it’s crying out to be writ in fifty-foot high flames and screamed from the clean lungs of the world’s young and sonically undernourished.

Because everything about Raketkanon is big. Gargantuan, even. Monolithic down-tuned riffs, drums that boom like detonated antiquarian temples, low-end bass-synth drones and vocals that swell up from the out of somewhere deep and dark and purely elemental. Somewhere beyond language. Their mission is to shock, repulse and entertain and their second album RKTKN#2 does that – and so much more. Because there is something else going on here that’s more than mere muscular bluster; something alien-sounding, insidious and malevolent. And utterly unique. They do not sound like anyone else, and that’s why Steve Albini produced this record with them in his Chicago studio.

Their first offering from this album, ‘Florent’, is fronted by Pieter-Paul Devos’ FX-drenched vocals that are unhinged and haywire, and an accompanying video that features our humble, softly-spoken heroes pimped-up, grinding, grinning lasciviously and desperately throwing shapes like particularly low-earning rent boys on the meat rack.

One night we were watching a bunch of Bay City Rollers and Cliff Richard videos and thought their moves were too funny, so we based the video on that sphere. Psychotically happy smiles and self-enjoying dance moves…

This is just the beginning of a journey that will see this band annihilate British and European venues this year. Explosive, improvised, unhinged and often featuring impromptu props, the Raketkanon live experience is different each time and heading to the UK on Monday 9th March at The Stillery in Camden, London.

Pre-order ‘Florent’ on limited 7” white vinyl available through Blood Red Shoes’ Jazz Life Records on March 30th and also on their new album RKTKN2# via KKK Records on April 13th distributed by Republic of Music / Universal from

Raketkanon are:

Pieter-Paul Devos – vocals
Jef Verbeeck – guitar
Pieter de Wilde – drums
Lode Vlaeminck – bass synth

Find them at:

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